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Random posts? Forgot to take your meds again, didn't you?
God conceal-carries a Kimber. We're okay.
Proposing a budget would require democrats to confront their mortal enemies: Numbers. I don't see it happening.
This subject has been studied a TON. Perhaps the legislation should involve perusing the MOUNTAIN of published studies.
I keep reminding you but you're not listening: Get back on your meds. Please. Random, rambling posts are an embarrassment, although a useful reminder of the intellect we are dealing with.
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U.S. Jobs Five Years After Their Peak

cb71 Wrote: Dec 16, 2012 12:23 PM
Didn't even read the article, did you? A mindless copy-and-paste? Do you think this kind of thing works to your advantage? Changes minds?
Off topic, Sybil, as usual. As I've reminded you in the past: You need to remember to take your meds....
Troll. Take your meds so you can stay on topic. Then we will gladly debate you.
I like your posts. It's a nice reminder of the quality of intellect the country is up against.
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