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The Stone Truth: Left-Wingers Are Boring

Caveat emptor Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 2:07 PM
"And many companies offer this today. You act as if stocks are unheard of. But again, your argument is flawed because it claims that ALL owners must provide for such stock options to employees. The employer and employee agree to the contractual details voluntarily. No theft." If by agree, you mean that after being deprived of use of the commons to earn a living people are forced to earn money by working for for a wage for those who have privet property as a function of force, not work, then yes. But as Proudhon expands on John Locks labor theory of natural property rights, ownership as a condition of force is theft itself. Both protecting property that is yours via your labor and taking that of others do to their labor, require force.

When, at long last, will people understand that the left is boring?

The question came to mind as I was dipping in and out of Oliver Stone's miasmic 700-plus-page tome. I'll never read the whole thing, and not because it's a left-wing screed full of slimy distortions about the evils of the United States (though that doesn't help). It's that it's boring.

Stone and co-author Peter Kuznick call their book "The Untold History of the United States," except, again, it isn't. This story has been told countless times before. As the Daily Beast's Michael Moynihan notes in a devastating review, Stone...