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Coulter: Republicans Should Cave on Tax Hikes Because "We Lost the Election"

Caveat emptor Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 4:59 PM
As Rush said. Conservatives need America to fail, so that conservatism can succeed. But we all know that Conservative policies under Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush and W, lead America into a state of Economic debt, Military vulnerability and Moral collaps. Colter seems to believe that Liberalism will lead to failure. Hannity is a little more skeptical and fears the success of Liberal Policies.
Joe1864 Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 5:13 PM
I know libtards don't let to get the truth get in the way of their idiotic posts, but Rush never said Conservatves need America to fail. That's simply a lie. What he said was that he hopes Obama fails in pushing his policies because if Obama succeeded, America would lose. He was right. Obama has gotten what he wanted and America is losing. The rest of your post is just laughable. I do agree though that Obama won, so give him and the Democrats what they want. It will be fun to hear libtards try to blame conservatives for the failure of regressive Democrat policies.
Luscious Lars Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 5:11 PM
If Hannity does fear Liberal Policies, then he should look at Europe and Communist countries. Liberal policies have always, throughout history, led to the masses living lives of mediocrity, while a few cliquish leaders live high on the hog.
OneForFreedom Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 5:03 PM
Success of Liberal Policies is a heck of an oxymoron.

1) You canot indefinitely spend more than you make (try it and see).
2) There is no such thing as "too big to fail."

I suspect we'll all be finding this out soon, might as well let liberals have their way, so they own the failure lock, stock and barrel.
HarryReidAllAmericanFag Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 5:18 PM
Listen to Nancy Pelosi's economic theories, she'll straighten you out!
Hey unemployment is down to 7.7%!

Wowy Zowy!! Obamanomics works! The government is so good!

We can definitely spend our way out of the recession. Start the presses!!

Hannity to Coulter: "You sound like Obama." Fightin' words:


SH: So are you saying that, for PR purposes, that they should give in to Obama on the tax rate?
AC: Not exactly, I--Well, yeah, I guess I am. 
SH: You're saying capitulate to Obama? We don't have a revenue problem, Ann.
AC: We lost the election, Sean.  

Hannity seems genuinely flummoxed by Coulter's capitulatory attitude, but does she have a point?  Recent polling has been gruesome...