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BREAKING: Israel and Hamas Agree on Ceasefire

Caveat emptor Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 7:12 PM
Did I mention how the liberal media are going to take away your guns and redistribute your white dollars to those with a darker complexion. It's all part if Agenda 21. Like Agenda 21 is like all the crazy stuff conservatives have been saying except this time it's all true. Though we are still not sure if the enemy are Jews, blacks Hispanics or lizard men pretending to be Jews, blacks and Hispanics. What we do know is that Agenda 21 is the product of the illuminati, masons, Templar knights, builder-burg group, and the trilateral commission.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has just announced a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. The announcement came as part of the press conference between Clinton and Egypt’s President, Mohammed Morsi. In Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed the agreement.This announcement came just a few hours after a bomb exploded onboard a bus in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv. Many in Gaza fled their homes in fear of retaliation from Israelis.

In the press conference Clinton said, “The United States welcomes the agreement today for the cease-fire in Gaza". She emphasized "for it [the ceasefire] to hold, the rocket...

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