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I'm not sure that one does learn much economics when getting a Hahvud MBA. I mean, W had an MBA, from Harvard, and he's the guy who said he had to "violate the principles of the free market in order to save it." Pure nonsense.
"Romney actually graduated from Harvard Business School, MBA. So yes, he does have an understanding of the economy." An MBA, while it includes some amount of economics courses (usually "Managerial Economics"), is mainly a business degree. Therefore, your argument doesn't stand. "Also, people in Massachusetts still love the healthcare plan according to the polls." Doesn't make it free market.
What was Romney's position on the NDAA? What was Rand Paul's? 'Nuff said.
Not a strawman. Hyperbole, perhaps. My point is that we both draw the line somewhere; you will draw the line at the hypothetical Immanuel nomination. I draw my line much, much closer to the Conservative banner.
"Not just get a degree in law and make politics a career without ever doing anything outside of DC. Oh yeah, that's Ted Cruz and Rand Paul." Rand Paul was an ophthalmologist; started his own clinic, in fact, several years before winning his Senate seat.
That Romney was a successful businessman in no way predicts his understanding of the economy. It would be a similar argument to say that Bill Gates or George Soros should be president, because they know how to succeed in their respective market spheres. In fact, Romney's handling of MassCare is strong evidence that he is not a Free Market guy.
Not endorsed; picked. I wouldn't trust the GOP establishment to pick my nose, much less the GOP candidate.
I'm not voting for Hillary, if that's what you are asking. I infer from your question that you would vote for Rahm Immanuel if he somehow captured the GOP nomination, simply because he's "not Hillary".
Eh...Romney was involved in some of the convention rules changes in '12 that would virtually guarantee the Establishment's pick at the NatCon in 2016. For that reason alone, Romney should be shunned. He's an insider in the GOP establisment; his nomination, should he run, would not be grass-roots in any way. Voting for the GOP establishment-picked candidate is not really voting, now, is it? http://www.freedomworks.org/content/romneys-rnc-power-grab-what-really-happened
Miss Kutner? The support of your peers will not erase the stigma of being a baby murderer.
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