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Evil always thinks it is doing right. So does good. Now, how do you figure out which is which?
Evil always thinks it is going right. So does good. Now, how do you figure out which is which?
Do you think you're saving a soul here Rich or are you just trying to show off your Sunday School theology? Go say your prayers Easter Bunny Boy. You ain't got it.
You get that when I get a yes or no? Nothing further.
Sweetcheeks, you never answered a single simple question. You're gone Easter Bunny Boy. Sorry but I'm too old to play theological checkers with kiddos.
Better than yours. Answer the question Bunny Boy or be lost.
So you'll never really know will you, but just look around at how they treat everyone else. That's you if you weren't on their side, faggot and dyke jokes all day long.
If you can't answer an obvious question about the Christian dogma on Heaven and Hell Rich then I have no time for you. I can defend my positions all night long and you can't even state one of yours, so obvious, honestly. I have no time for that. You want to debate then you either do it honestly or you get lost just like you are Easter Bunny boy.
I just said it, being a pagan dyke on a reactionary Christian forum and believing, even for a second, that these people are your friends. They aren't, they just don't dislike your politics. You want to see your "friends" in action? Make a new name and come in as a Buddhist lesbo liberal. Then see how much they respect you?
Do you want a healthy and productive society? That's how get one. That and not letting the morons make babies. It works, it works well, and yes, it's brutal. The truth often is.
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