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This is NOT, repeat, NOT a "... major victory for Second Amendment rights". This is a small, incremental victory for HUMAN RIGHTS! Why? Because the Constitution is not the source or cause of ANY legitimate right! Please stop referring to ANY of our rights as "Constitutional" because it reinforces the idea that somehow, our rights are caused or given by government or its founding documents.
RE: "... one of the best illustrations of the truism that when you outlaw guns, only outlaws have guns." U, THAT is NOT a truism. It is an AXIOM!
This creature known as "Cartwright" is a perfect example of an unbeheaded kleptocrat -- one of the satanic minions that are helping to strengthen America's ACTUAL national sport -- THEFT! I fear that the only way decent people will ever be free of these looters is to deal with them in the streets. Gopd help us. Pray that I am wrong.
“In particular, the government may not descend to the evil of preventive law. The government cannot treat men as guilty until they have proven themselves to be. No law can justly require the individual to prove that he won't violate another's rights, in the absence of evidence that he is going to. But this is precisely what gun control laws do. Gun control laws use force against the individual in the absence of any specific evidence that he is about to commit a crime. They say to the rational, responsible gun owner: you may not have or carry a gun because others have used them irrationally or irresponsibly. Thus, preventive law sacrifices the rational and responsible to the irrational and irresponsible. This is unjust and intolerable.” - Harry Binswanger. With Gun Control, Cost Benefit Analysis Is Amoral
RE: "It makes one wonder if she (or for that matter, any of the anti-gun “experts” who spoke at the event in Connecticut) has ever considered what a “gun-free” nation would look like." I am always amused by articles like this one where the writer still seems to be living in the 1950s. Specifically, the quote above seems to labor under the illusion that the anti-gun gangs that infest America like vermin are led by or composed of creatures that actually care about ANY fact that refutes their preposterous, gratuitous assertions -- as if all that must be done to set them on a morally superior course is to advise them of the facts. LOL! I assert that they know perfectly well what will happen to America after repeal of the 2nd Amendment, and that, in fact, such an outcome is their true intention. Furthermore, this entire dialog really needs to set the 2nd Amendment aside and focus on the single most important fact of this debate: We DO NOT HAVE RIGHTS BECAUSE OF THE CONSTITUTION! Consequently, there is no way that ANY law that disarms the harmless or encumbers their ability for self-defense can ever be LAWFUL! On this issue, the 2nd Amendment is almost a side note. We MUST force these despicable cretins to discuss the REAL issue: FORGET THE 2ND AMENDMENT! Do individuals have ANY right to defend themselves in the absence of a policeman? YES or NO! There is no "maybe" or "perhaps" about it. The exact same logic can be applied to ANY legitimate right! Oh and BTW, the legitimacy of any Right can be identified with mathematical certainty. Basically, any harmless adult has a immutable right to do any harmless thing without restraint or interference from anyone -- PERIOD! Owning and carrying a gun (ANYWHERE, ANYTIME) is a 100% harmless act. For the law to assert any "legal" interference because "someone COULD get hurt, is a VERY dangerous idea, because it appears to legitimize the insane notion that the law should EVER be preventive, and thus assume that everyone is guilty before the fact. That, dear friends IS the tyrant's nose under the tent. If humanity learned anything from the 20th or ANY other century, it must be that tyranny mus be crushed at the very first HINT of it's minions -- not after it has become obvious and brazen. Here is a fact: ANY public official that even thinks about the infamous oxymoron, "Common sense gun control", then it is at that moment that they can be justly and logically labeled a clear and present danger.
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End the Fed

Cato149BC Wrote: Oct 30, 2013 8:22 PM
Actually, the REAL, intended effect of creating the FED and it's primary handmaiden, the Income Tax, was to bring the "colonies" back into the fold of a 950 year-old global banking cartel. The Federal government is merely a tool for that monstrous gang of human enslavers.
HUH!? What planet are you on? "Collectivism WILL work, but only if >>> I <<<" and in charge!" LOL! In c. 1922, Vladimir Lenin privately admitted to Armand Hammer (CEO of Occidental Petroleum) that Communism as an economic model would never work. With the single exception of the human immediate family, there has never been a single example of any form of collectivism that actually worked on any scale, for any amount of time beyond a single generation.
Without a doubt, the number one most popular sport in the entire world is T H E F T! Frankly, humanity deserves an ELE meteor strike!
"The nannycrats in Brussels ..."? Get real! I challenge anyone who still THINKS to explain to me why it is NOT more accurate to describe these creatures as "K L E P T O C R A T S"! "nannycrats" IS cute, but it is far more polite than these despicable thieves deserve.
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