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i'll bet she was at the speech of ahmadinejad, iran's muslim, jihad, terrorist "president".
why don't you move to iran? we sure don't need you in america.
obama and clinton are totally inept. the death of our americans fall squarely on clinton's and obama's hands. that's why they don't want any questions asked.
it used to be the u.s. state department but it is now the obama state department. if obama is reelected we'll be saying this used to be america. it's getting close to that right now.
this is the height of ignorance. bassett hound hit it right on the head. some idiots must not know anything about politics. obama had two years of democratic control. and not one democratic voted for obama's budget.
actually obama knows who his real father is, the avowed communist frank marshall davis. this is the communist who obama holds so dear and speaks so affectionately about. davis taught obama well and obama is using every treasonous tactic the communists manifesto teaches.
obama misjudged nothing. he knew the radical muslim brotherhood would take over and he aided and abetted the enemy. obama and the muslims have one thing in common. they hate america and israel.
a truly patriotic president who cared about the death of american citizens would be back in washington d.c. planning strategies and formulation objective to put in place to prevent this from happening again. obama just can't be bothered by american interest policies to stop his fun and games. after this total disaster and fiasco anyone who had an inkling about voting for obama has to be a total.........(put in words of your choosing. mine are not kind to say the least.)
obama hadn't attended a national security council meeting since the first of the month. i guess the security for the 911 anniversary only needed to be discussed over the phone. there should have been at least a hundred marines posted at each embassy who were heavily armed and fortified. maybe a show of force? but obama didn't want to offend his muslim brothers. obama did absolutely nothing to protect our diplomats and embassy employees. oh but the liberal press and obama's propaganda ministry said well he talked about it. that's all he's worth-talk. i blame obama for their deaths. there's no way for obama to get around that.
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Obama's Apology Tour 2.0

catnip24 Wrote: Sep 12, 2012 10:39 PM
anybody who can't see obama had an apology tour when he first took office and basically apologized to these murders who killed americans in lybia, has to be an absolute babbling moron. when i read obama's official statement i couldn't believe what i was reading. it was an apology because someone hurt these poor little muslims feelings. i sick and tired of this spineless, gutless muslim loving obama and his entire worthless administration. wow, he sent 50 soldiers there when he should have sent an entire division. more half way measures from mr anti american onbama. charles krauthammer was right. tell these muslims to go to hell. mitt romney's response was excellent. he had sincere indignation and placed the blame where it belonged.
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