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i wonder if all of these visits were before or after obama's boy (trainer) reggie left the whitehouse because of reggie's "indiscreet" photos being publicized. maybe obama was just lonely or upset and george was just there to comfort him. or maybe george needed some comforting so obama called him to the whitehouse to console him. i understand obama enjoys receiving comfort and being consoled more than giving comfort and consoling. so george was probably there to take care of obama.
obama's so interested in this problem he has the audacity to give the attorney general holder executive privilege regarding the fast and furious scandal.
rand paul for president in 2016.
if obama, biden and the liberal anti gun crowd have their way and if this happens again the grandmother probably would have her throat cut. obama's after our guns. as an illinois senator onama said no one should own a gun. the second amendment is entrenched in our country. those who try to take it away should beware of out second amendment protection.
reid, like obama, wants tobe a dictator too. this is proven since reid has not brought any house proposal before the senate. why? power and arrogance. reid's and obama's actions show they're socialist/communist who are out to destroy america. i read the post on here and the republican bashers and the obama zombies are so angry they lie, make personal insults and are often incoherent in their rants. i feel sorry for these obama supporters who just don't have the intellect to understand the simplest things nor a clue about the destruction of america. why don't these people come out and just admit that they're socialist/communists too? if you're so brazen about bashing conservatives, where's your bravery to admit what you really are?
hey gail, i like your comment but do you have any idea what this irkelsome is even babbling about? i guess there's some underlining message which is white people suck. then again i don't really give a rats behind what ignorant people think. this thing probably isn't just a lib but from what i take from the comment is he's/she's/it's (take your pick) is a complete racist. hey irkelksome, white people are cool, they rule. we're the ones supportin the obama deadbeats, unfortunately.
i believe she is just a subspecies.
to justwondering whoopi is never off the mark regarding her prejudices and socialistic beliefs. and to you, first of all what do romneys sons have anything to do with any of this. there is no point bringing up romney's sons. it's disgraceful and ridiculous you brought them up. if you want to ask these questions of romney ask why obama, as you put it, did not go into service for the country. you could ask obama why doesn't he release his college transcripts. college transcripts are usually pretty boring, just the normal classes to get a degree. and while your just wondering, maybe you could wonder into the realm of why obama has continually lied about the benghazi attack that killed four americans. i was just wondering.
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