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unsafe at any speed.......planned obsolence....
13 years is a blip; look how long it took the South to recover from the War Between the States.....
yes, and you expect the president to bomb Iran all while the settlements deepen; even ct.appted w did not fall for that one!
always? he started the modern consumer movement....
you should not need Nader nor Friedman to point out the obvious.
Nader is completely correct on the Lobby domination, see Thomas Friedman of the NYTimes: "AIPAC has bought Congress." We all know this to be true, ever heard of any senator voting against a Lobby written resolution? Also, see Sheldon, thats all you need to know, todays court Jew.
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In Defense of Ultimatums for Iran

Catfish Keith Wrote: Apr 12, 2014 7:54 AM
its also time for Israel to declare their nuclear pile and stop pointing them at Teheran. No American president is going to bomb Iran just to see the Settlements greatly deepen!
its time for Israel to end the last European occupation........we gave it up, S/Africa gave it up (although Israel govt provided their govt w/nukes and low interest rate loans to prop of the racist regime)....the occupiers hold the cards.
MY: read the Likud Charter and tell me peace is possible. The Hamas charter was written in response.
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