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"island of democracy" if your white and Israeli.......P/Truman felt so bad about how the 48 Israeli's treated the Pal's, that he never lifted a finger to help Israel after the U.N. vote and put an arms embargo to prevent futher escalation against the Arabs.
Israel doesn't have a Constitution nor does the Likud, just a charter/platform..
read Likud charter then tell me about peace...
how does that apply to the Likud charter?
hey Matt, try printing the Likud Charter and tell us how friendly Israel is to the Pal's...
hey goofy Ken, remove those Lobby strings and quit taking trips to Israel from AIPAC. Its time to free America from AIPAC-LIKUD, neo cons, you get the picture. Stand up for freeing people,a black person like you being for apartheid is odd. And, following rightwing govts in Israel will bring America down...how much more money do you have to throw away on the Likud?
when will Israel have our back, become a true democracy and free the Pal's? The enemies are rightwingers regardless if they are from Iran, Likud or Cheney in America.
Likud means to consoldate, meaning the W.Bank....no hope for 2 State, no hope for American taxpayers or soldiers.
yes, apartheid would have ended much sooner if the Likud govt., had not propped up the S.African govt w/low interest rate loans to offset sanctions and a supply of nukes so no one could force them to end apartheid. Israel did not want to stand alone as the last of the white Euro occupiers.
Birdman, I'm proud of you for speaking the truth; have you seen the Israeli movie "Gatekeepers?"
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