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Changing the Guard

catcaul Wrote: Jan 27, 2013 6:13 PM
Mr Keryy is a traitor ? Because he Volunteered for service to his country ? or because he recounted the terrible things he witnessed in Vietnam? Do you consider John Wayne or Errol Flynn or Richard Cheney heros ?? cuz those chumps all sat it out with multiple deferments ..Put down the Mack Bolan books and pick up Nick Turse or the photos of Christine Leroy

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration is changing the guard. Minutes after the president retook the oath of office, he formally submitted nominations for his new secretary of state, secretary of defense and CIA director. Two days later, remnants of red, white and blue inaugural bunting, bleachers and security fences were still up at the U.S. Capitol and along Pennsylvania Avenue when Congress came back to "work." Temporary barricades, snow fence, partially disassembled Jumbotrons and hundreds of miles of cables and wires -- the detritus of "the longest inaugural parade in history" -- didn't deter our elected representatives from "investigating" the Sept....