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Modest Snooping?

catball Wrote: Jun 11, 2013 7:35 PM
When are you people ever going to give it a rest? In your dark cave of "who done it" just maybe this president really is "what you see is what you get". This man only wants to help the poor and give all people a better way of life. You with no faults can cast the first stone.
Obama is still trying to dig us out of the mucked up mess the Repubs created. Two wars, housing bankrupt, we were going over the clift. Maybe you live in another USA, but this country chaney and dubwa destroyed. The repubs sent all our jobs overseas We were all blessed when our Lord sent Obama to clean up there mess.
really, maybe so if you get the stick out of their a##.
Pubs and abortion. The reason there against abortion is somebody has to fight there phony wars. I believe we lost around 4000 in the last war they dreamed up.
This comes from a person that wants to stop abortion, but gives 5 year old guns to kill family mumbers.
If the pubs are so set on everybody having a gun, go for it! But if you're going to do it, do it right. Everybody that has a social security number should have a gun. That includes all of congress, senate and white house. Do you think this will make our safer? I think the streets will run red with blood.
I would say both. You are stupid and racist.
the sequester is very real you moron. The president told everyone not to do this. But those dumb A$$ pubs would not listen. Tell congress what you want.
Boo hoo hoo. Lets bring another child into this world with no mother that wants him, and god only knows who the daddy is. He will be raised in the streets. Abortion can be a blessing. How many kids did you pick up today and feed and give them a place to sleep. Zero!!
Don't hold your breath. Why would myself or anyone want to cater to the rich, forget the poor, only think of yourself and to hell with your neighbor. A camel can go thru the eye of a needle easier that a rich man can get into heaven. Most republicans are going to burn in hell because they are all about the dollar and themselves.
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