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They did. Jefferson was opposed to manufacturing as a basis of our economy. The founding fathers weren't chumps. Jefferson envisioned a noble Agrarian society, and thought that would be sufficient to satisfy American needs. That demon of fedarilism, Hamilton, disagreed and thought that manufacturing and industry would help us grow.
Fodder for Obama from the Cato Institute? Wow.
Ok -- I looked at that study that your article cited. That discusses earmarks, but there's no mention of total appropriations. Unless ALL appropriation is done through earmarks, I'm still unconvinced.
I'm getting different information:
^ Citation please?
Just curious. I'm not sure a lot of you have thought this through. I wouldn't object if Texas wanted to secede, but could you guys come up with a way to fill the void left by absent federal dollars? UT is a research I institution, and so depends on the NIH, NSF, NEA, etc. for support -- not to mention all of the federal assistance for tuition at all of Texas' universities. I've heard Austin is pretty liberal, so maybe they won't secede with you. What about food? It would seem to me that Texas would need to import some of its food, and even if they didn't, who is going to cover the agriculture subsides? How will you pay for infrastructure development and maintenance w/o federal assistance? What about border security?
You guys really don't like data do you?
And blue state California is even bigger.......
You do realize that the filibuster rules aren't in the Constitution, no?
^^ This
That's what I'm thinking.
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