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no, not really. those who stand to lose their coverage thanks to this ruling are in BLUE states where their sorry representatives chose to create state exchanges and go along with the nobama-nocare cr@p that Reid & Nobama conspired to try to force down everyone's throats. :)
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President Obama: Incompetent or Intentional?

caspr Wrote: Jun 05, 2014 12:04 AM
Sooo... maybe he's both incompetent AND intentionally evil? If this yahoo in the white house was any more competent we'd all be in a heap more of thick, steaming trouble than we are already. If he ~wasn't~ so incompetent he would have already succeeded in totally transforming our country, and it wouldn't be for the better. EVERYTHING he's done has been specifically designed to tear down America from the inside. Read the communist manifestos, rules for radicals, and other enlightening writings about what he's trying to do and you'll have no doubt about whether this entire mess is intentional. NO, WE DON'T LIKE THE MORON (in fact many patriots hate him) but that's not because we're racist -- it's just because of the fact that he's doing everything he can to tear down 238 years' worth of American exceptionalism. We constitutional conservatives couldn't possibly care less whether he had pink & purple polka-dots for skin color -- HE'S A LYING, LAW-BREAKING SACK OF TRASH when it comes to how he's running our country into the ground. So no, it's not a matter of "incompetent or intentional". He's both, and the incompetence is the only thing between the intentional and our ruin.
Care about education? Read Marlin Maddoux's book "Public Education Against America". It's well-sourced and is a hard look at what public education is heading toward. Any parent with kids in public schools (or the rest of us, for that matter -- we'll all be dealing with the garbage output from public edu-doctrination) should read that book and be aware of what's really happening! It was written decades ago but is very prophetic.
amazingly similar to the unanswered questions surrounding nobama's supposed birth certificate... All they had to do was produce the actual birth certificate (not some newspaper article of a supposed birth) and voila! it goes away. All they have to do is state 'Yes, he was monitoring the ongoing attack in the situation room' and voila! it does away. The simple fact is that nobody wants to go on record as stating a bald-faced lie about that (not sure why this would qualify as anything different from everything ELSE they've lied about) so they keep dancing around it. What else could this joke of a pres have had to do that night that could have POSSIBLY been any more important than being in the middle of the decision-making (COMMANDER IN CHIEF mean anything to these bozo's?) to ensure that everything possible was done to save our Ambassador and the other three who were slaughtered? Maybe he was just off smoking one of his 'occasional' cigarettes... or something else. It's simply astounding that nobody has the guts to stand up to this puke and proceed with impeachment.
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The Underpants Gnome Caucus

caspr Wrote: Feb 16, 2014 2:40 AM
so given the author's train of thought, if there aren't any public displays of his 'alternative solutions' then Cruz should just not even try to stand in the way of the cr@p dirty harry and his minions are trying to push? That's similar to saying we can't deport any illegals or close the holes in the border security until we radically change the entire immigration system. Guess again. If we wait until we have a majority in the Senate or some 'squishy' compromise before standing on principle, we're way too far down the road to communism and total ruin before anything gets done about it. Another way to look at it: you own a gun, and an armed intruder threatens your family. Do you ask them to sit down and talk about 'alternative solutions' or shoot first, then ask questions? Doesn't take rocket science...
"The vast majority of Americans support these critical measures"... so we're to believe that dog-squish just like we should believe it when the Obozo administration tells us "the vast majority of Americans think the sun won't rise tomorrow"??? Who made these morons the great oracles of our time?
take a quick look at some of Ken Ham's Answers In Genesis videos and it's easy to see that the THEORY of evolution is just that: THEORY. Not scientific fact. THEORY. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together should be able to see that evolution cannot possibly account for the vast creation God brought into being, and Ken Ham points out just a few of the most obvious reasons. If you are one of the 'believers' in evolution (it takes an infinitesimally larger faith to believe what cannot be proven, and in fact has been proven wrong), let Mr. Ham's (or any other leading scientist who has shown evolution to be an EPIC FAIL) materials shake your world. Show your open-mindedness and consider the distinct possibility that millions of people have been misled into believing Darwin's 'Alice in Wonderland' theories. The total lack of any examples of one species 'evolving' into another is only the most glaring failure of the evolutionist point of view.
Welcome to socialized medicine, "deep-blue" Californians. Welcome to the "brave new world" that is obama's dream. Lucky for us here in Texas, we have known for centuries how to say "not here, not now, NOT EVER". Nobama can take his dog-and-pony show and go back to where he belongs, and leave us alone. If the dumbo-crats think they're going to spend a bunch of money and send in their "cavalry" of activists to change Texas to purple or blue, they've come to the wrong place. Not here, not now, NOT EVER. We like our doctors and our insurance, and we'd like to keep what we have and not sink our state in bankruptcy and taxmageddon by joining in the farce that is the "affordable" care act, expanded Medicaid, or anything else this pseudo-president tries to force on us.
The ONLY thing about NoBOMBacare that I MIGHT say over the course of our family gathering would be a stern warning to all within earshot about what a big, thick, steaming pile of dog-squish this entire piece of "legislation" is, and how badly it will hurt to attempt to sign up, let alone the hurt it will put on one's wallet or purse and the days' worth of depression likely caused by the attempt and/or by the actual cost of coverage (if they should ever get that far). This had better be the LAST time our elected officials allow something like this to happen in America.
did anyone ever really believe Reid wouldn't pull this? And does Reid actually believe that when they LOSE the Senate next November he isn't going to wish he hadn't done it? Repubs need to stand up to this and make his life miserable for the next 11 months. The END of any willingness to compromise is upon us (although IMHO Repubs have been for decades the only ones who really budge on the important positions) and Reid will regret his foolishness.
does anyone really believe it's a coincidence that the dumbocrats waited until now (about a week after the first week of Nov.) to decide to give a one-year delay on the 'illegal' policies being enforced??? Just so happens that their 1-yr delay puts us ONE WEEK past the 2014 elections. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. It is becoming painfully obvious that it is impossible to predict the depths to which this bogus administration will go when there is no limit to their evil.
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