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rp, how did that koolaid taste?
LOL, that would be because here in TX we actually do some things the right way... The whole 'motor voter' idea may sound great to some, until you consider that while the right hand is giving out legal driver's licenses to illegals the left hand doesn't think about the fact that they now are registered to vote. Just another bogus way the dumbocrats stack the ballot box.
thinking if she kept up to date a bit better it would be more bearable for the rest of us, too. :)
"will save upwards of 10,000 babies from abortion"???!!! How about that many per month? It's about time our judges stopped being 'activists' and make rulings based upon our constitution (right to life mean anything anymore?) and basic common sense. This doesn't even count the number of mothers' lives that are saved because these bogus 'clinics' now will have to ~have admitting privileges~!!! OMG! When something goes wrong (as it very frequently does) during one of these 'elective procedures' why would ANYONE believe a clinic should be operating WITHOUT admitting priveleges??? It's a sad commentary on the state of our culture that so many 'low information' people believe the garbage about this requirement being a 'war on women'. It's a war on the barbarism practiced by these clinics.
how about this: we don't stop at 'never, ever elected to anything again' -- let's go straight to HillBill DOING HARD TIME for her atrocities at State. There is NO excuse for the depth of depravity these yahoos are willing to steep themselves in, and we as Americans should have never put up with any of it. Throw every last one of them who is provably involved behind bars, and throw away the keys. Only question left is how deep (high) does it go (hint, "the buck stops here" at HillBill) and whether anyone on the RIGHT side has enough backbone or cajones to throw the book at the bums.
seems like a prime place to plug one of my favorite books regarding public education: Marlin Maddoux's "Public Education Against America". If you have kids in public schools or you will have kids in public schools, or you know someone who does, please find that book and read it cover to cover. It is the single most well-written, well-sourced expose' on where our public education came from and where it is headed. I believe it was written back in the 80's but it's truly scary how much of what Mr. Maddoux predicted has come true or will be soon in our public edu-doctrination schools. Reading that book might just make you want to take a 2nd job just to have enough $ to put your kids into a private school or home school them.
W: statesman Hitler: pig W: braveheart Hitler: coward W: compassionate Hitler: pure evil W: brilliant president w/ some minor flaws on immigration & spending Hitler: dictator who slaughtered many millions of people simply because of their ancestry Need we continue? The ONLY thing that might fit in the infinitesimally small 'shared' piece of that venn would be that they were both male humans, and even THAT was debatable in Hitler's case
you go, Ted! Only problem I have with Ted's comments is that he's being way too lenient with nobama on his real intentions regarding ISIS. What nobama really intends to do is keep our military out of the game until it's too late to prevent another 9/11
I know this term's been massively overused... but I have to say it anyway. Regarding the title of this article, the word 'failure' can't even hold a candle to what this know-nothing do-nothing care-nothing yahoo has been. EPIC FAILURE comes a little closer. Worst prez of all time, maybe in the world, not just in American history. So there were lots of idiots who voted for the clown the first time, wanting some 'hope & change', wanting to elect the first black prez, or whatever idiotic reason they had. What exactly are all of those people claiming as an excuse for voting him in a SECOND time??? Reminds me of a funny nobama joke. Back in Reagan's time, we had Bob Hope & Johnny Cash. Now we have no Hope and no Change.
the final straw on this camel's back will be when they succeed in including home schools in the 'private' school part of the education funding pie. it's beyond frustrating to watch out school district tax dollars not only being wasted on frivolous junk but spent wildly out-of-sync with the results being achieved. Allow homeshooling parents to KEEP their school district taxes and we'll really see how well public education is serving our children's needs.
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Angry "Moms" Start Kroger Attack Campaign

caspr Wrote: Sep 04, 2014 3:44 PM
If that's really true about Target, Sonic, Starbucks, and Chipotle (don't have time to run that down at the moment), I for one will be spending any $ I would have spent at one of those cowardly stores at Kroger instead, and I'll feel much safer knowing it's NOT a target-rich environment where all of the law-abiding citizens have been disarmed.
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