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The state creates the money? Wow. How can one be so clueless.
Thank you John......I now considered my weekend fullfilled !!!
Well it happened on O'reilly last nite. Bush has officially been blamed. James Carville states If Bush hadn't done the whole Iraq war thing then the world would be behind Obama on Syria. Yep......still GW's fault. Unbelieveable.
Or, if they were replaced by some Republicans with some smarts and cajones we might all be amazed at what Obama CAN'T get away with..... The status quo establishment Republicans couldn't beat Obama in 2012 even though America is in the midst of the worst economic recovery(if one wishes to call it that) since the 30's. They couldn't beat Obama in spite of Fast/Furious, Obamacare, Benghazi, solyndras and all the assorted wasted stimulous spending, etc, etc...... If this group of Republicans can't beat Obama with all the ammunition he has given them....then it's time for a change.
Yep.....McConnell, McCain, Graham, Boehner, and Cantor.......They are the problem. They are why Obama and Holder can get away with murder.
The sad thing is nyc2013 may very well be a est Gop schill...........
They do.....McCain, Graham, and other rinos are nothing more than indispensible members of the k-street mafia.
Way too negative my friend. The blogs are a meeting place where patriots can get together, trade ideas, and hopefully bring in new patriots. It also gives strength and clarity to the Cruz's, Pauls, Lees about what the people actually care about. A lot of these conservatives get their money from people in other states only because of the internet. Without the internet most likely Dewhurst, the Gop est candidate, would've won the senate seat over Cruz. Without outside contributions and the internet I doubt anyone would know who Alan West is. The word is spread through the blogs about who is doing good works and who needs support. We've got a small core nucleus in place in Washington. We just need to keep building from it...patience!
I find it difficult to trust Nikki Haley.
He has a backbone.....because he stood up to a Republican..... (unfortunately for me probably) I get that sarcasm.............
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