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Discounting Parents' Rights

cashe Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 1:36 AM
Wait, what? These are germans were talking about, right? Because Mr Connor is talking about them like they are Americans, or like it is our responsibility to provide home schooling to the entire world. The germans seem like a pretty democratic-minded group. Do we really need to refer to their anti-home school ideas as: "utterly repellent to everything we believe as Americans" A better approach for this family would be to educate germans about the wonders of home schooling and try and change the prevailing attitude and/or law. How did we get in the middle of this german disagreement?

For people of faith in America, the Obama administration's birth control mandate represents an unprecedented assault on religious conscience. It seems that the President and his surrogates have little appreciation for the role that faith plays in the lives of many Americans, and even less respect for the Constitution's protection of religious liberty. As if to confirm this impression, the U.S. Justice Department is doubling down on the Administration's anti-faith stance with a lawsuit against a German family seeking religious asylum in the United States. According to our esteemed Attorney General, the right to choose the best education for your child...