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Mr Rubio, the efforts of congress would be better spent solving America's problems here at home. We have a ton of domestic problems beginning with our open borders and the budget deficit. Congress has taken no real action to solve these pressing problems. Let China solve China's problems.
If you used only your rational mind in choosing a spouse or deciding on a career, you would have an unhappy life indeed. Taking into account both your feelings and rational thought are necessary for good decision making. As far as ISIS goes, they won't be around long. As a fighting force, they are far too small and undisciplined to make a difference anywhere. Their style of governance is so repulsive that they have made enemies of every regional and global government. They are about to reap what they have sown. ISIS is a result of the persecution of the Sunnis by both the Assad government and the Iraqi government. With no representation, the Sunni were ripe for an uprising and one occurred. ISIS will most likely be neutralized but something must be done about lack of Sunni representation or another Sunni movement will spring up. With all his talk of rational thinking, Mr Youssef shows precious little in his essay. How on earth could an army as primitive and small as ISIS pose any threat to the greatest military in the world? The answer is through a terror attack. But we have been living under that threat for years. How is ISIS any more deadly than all the others who have threatened us?
Don't rely on the Washington Post. Why can't a conservative blogger or the Washington Examiner or Fox News investigate the story? What about the Wall Street Journal? The IRS story could be cracked, but no conservative has the balls to do it because they are so used to complaining about the MSM that they never consider they can take matters into their own hands.
I read an interesting article on this subject some years ago by an author who went right to the source of many kidneys for sale. India. He found most sellers of their kidneys end up broke and sick after just a few years. Apparently, a lot of care and medication is required to keep yourself healthy after you have had a kidney removed. You might be able to appreciate that for the desperately poor in India, you might find yourself much, much worse off after having given up your kidney.
Pallen: You should consider leading the Black Outreach program for the Republican party. I am sure African Americans will be receptive to your ideas on the Stockholm Syndrome and how blacks are so dumb that they are easily brain washed.
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Ronald Reagan's City of God

cashe Wrote: Mar 15, 2014 3:48 AM
Wow, Mr Kengor is taking all the fun out of freedom. When I finally left my fundamentalist upbringing at age 30, that was the first time I felt real freedom.
While all conservatives seem very unhappy with these "secular humanist", I must confess I have never met one nor even seen one on TV. This makes me believe that, like the American communist, they don't actually exist. Obama's foreign policy seems pretty poor and makes me think he would be a lousy poker player. However, he has one strength which is useful in this difficult times. He seems disinclined to starting wars. This is appreciated by the average person, but not the conservative.
Small tents don't win elections. Assuming an athiest organization can get on board with limited government and a balanced budget, why shouldn't they be part of the republican family? Does everybody have to agree on everything?
George W. Bush signed the light bulb legislation, not a liberal.
Apparently one can be any type of societal deviant but be considered a good considerative if one parrots the appropriate conservative talking points. Now Ted Nugent is said to have crapped in his pants for a solid week to get out of the Vietnam draft. I can't say if that is true or not, but he does have 8 children by 6 different women. Does that sound conservative to anyone? Then there is Donald Trump. The punch line to every comedian's joke. And those guys with the long beards? Can't conservatives find any heroes that aren't jokes and buffoons?
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