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to the guy that had to bring up President enough enough? he's been retired years ago, and your still bringing him up. Why? I remember the "hanging Chads"..who old enough doesn't. Al Gore didn't want a re-count of the whole state, just those districts he knew could change the balance, yet he still lost. Voter picture ID is the best thing to prevent illegal voting. I still believe that the only why to vote early is by signing documentation that you will not be able to vote in your district on the day of the voting because of injury, illness, or on a trip elsewhere. If you are available to vote on the day of voting, then do so, don't just send in a ballet because you don't want to wait in line to vote.
The President didnt win his re-election because of giving money away. He won because the media lied and did not do they suppoesed protected jobs and report any real news concerning him and the democrat party (of which, most media people belong to). Since the beginning of time, democrats want all the money so they can control everybody under them. At least the republicans try to get a smaller government control and more spending money to the people, regardless of thier pay level status.
60 billion relief package....27 billion for actual damages...33 billion for pay offs to democrat donors..what else is new? democrats love to use crisis and major bills to help their friends
CUT THE SPENDING FIRST. Democrats should be forced to show exacting where they would cut any budget (they haven't passed one in three years). Then, after the cuts are instituted, look to raise revenue by various other means than tax increases.
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A False Sense of Security

Cash4 Wrote: Dec 18, 2012 3:21 PM
Military Assault Rifles (your definition, not mine) are illegal for civilians to own. They are for killing humans, that's the reason they are already illegal. The shooter in Colorado could of built bombs with the knowledge he had...which would have resulted in more deaths. The blood on your so call altar is from progressive and democrats that ensure everybody feels good and that already written and passed laws are in the way of moving forward. These tragic events are from your own actions. laws were broken way before the senseless killings took place by these kid, find out why he did it first before demanding new laws that will be broken anyways by criminals.
Young kids at home...someone breaks down the locked front door and they have guns...young boy either shoots the intruder with legal gun or stabs them with steakknife. Which do you prefer? Happened in Tucson..young boy had gun..killed intruder with a gun breaking into his house. Boys gun legal, bad guy not. Take away guns, only criminals and rich people will have them, so every body else suffers. Find out why he killed before talking about banning any type of guns.
OK, let all the tax cuts expire, let all the new taxes start.....after cutting the budget back to 2008 levels...then lets see where we stand
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Five New ObamaCare Taxes Coming January 1

Cash4 Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 10:18 AM
Free HealthCare...Free hospital medicines....only those who work have to pay why work?.....lose your job..get the FREE benefits...and enjoy the rest of your lifes
History shows that Democrats cut the military, unemployment rises, countries hate us, and the money "saved" is spent on other feel good programs the democrats create. Then, when republicans take charge, the military gets re-built, unempoyment goes down, and other countries respect us. But they always fail to cut the newly created programs the democrats had started, thus the defecit spending goes on.
Ok, I will be near retirement age in about 10 years. I've paid into SS and Medicare for about 40 years. What about those who started collecting from SS and Medicare through whichever program the Democrats have set up to be paid through SS and Medicare since they were 21? Never having paid into something the receive something back should be a criminal act. These programs should be brought back to what they were orginally intended for.
Shirts in the game!!!! how many times has a democrat used this term to talk about taxing the rich? Well, lets have everybody put thier shirts in the game. Allow all of the "Bush Tax Cuts" to expire, allow all the new taxes the democrats want to be put in place, and then see if the people really enjoy this country under the democrats way of taxing and spending other peoples hard earned mony.
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