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Reid & Schumer Took Koch Money, Too

Cash4 Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 11:24 AM
Everything I hear about the Rep Party is that it's for old white men....Does that make Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, and the majority of Dem Senators not classed as old white men? What makes them different? Same age, same skin color, same pay, same everything but intelligence. At least the Rep's believe in something that helps all Americans, not just a small group.
Ok, here's my way of viewing this problem. It's simple. If you sneak into a movie and get caught, your kicked out. If you sneak into a sport game, and get caught, you could go to jail. What is the difference? Sneaking into anywhere is illegal.
The democrats only voted and passed Obamacare. The Republicans were not allowed to add or change anything in the Act. Then the democrats lied to the American people for three years. Now they say the those getting cancelled policies only amount to 5% of the population. Gays account for 10% or less of the population and the democrats are all for protecting them and getting them special treatment. When the business and corporation policies start getting cancelled, I am willing to bet that the democrats will blame insurance companies, and still will be protecting those 10% of LGBT communities while 35 to 40% of the population get shafted.
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Minimum Wage Miscalculation

Cash4 Wrote: Oct 08, 2013 10:59 AM
ok, I run a small business, 15 employees, and I have many competitors (Pool Cleaning). If I was forced to pay more per hour than I do currently, I would have to raise prices on my customers. They, in turn, would cancel service, and go with some one else who doesn't have insurances, licenses, or other government required documentation. Now I would not have a job, be living on government handouts, and just wouldn't care about anything anymore. I would just sit home and play my XBOX Live because I'm sure there's a government benefit program that would pay for my internet.
Being gay and wanting to marry another man should be allowed. That being said, They should not be allowed to force their life styles on other people. Churches and other places of worship should not be forced to marry these individuals if their religious doctrines do not support gay life styles. The military of all places should not allow openly gay couples to marry in military churches and places of worship. The 3% gays should not be allowed to dictate to the other 97% non gays how and when they get their way.
you know, the MSM types are not going to pursue this event, ever. If President Bush was is our president, and this same thing was happening, the MSM would have he impeached, convicted, and throw in jail. But that is because he was a Republican, and not a Democrat. Different ways of life for each parties.
ok, then why are we now having to address this "gun issue" when there is already a law on the books from 27 years ago? Oh I forgot, once a law is on the books, we don't enforce it and create another law to do the same thing, if not more.
ok, mentally impaired individuals committed these deadly acts, where is the bipartisan bill in either congress or the WH that deals directly with this issue? Take away the guns, the mentally impaired will find other ways to commit murder. Bats, knifes, homemade bombs, Molotov cocktails in a movie house, there will always be some kind of weapon that the mentally impair can use. Please leave guns out of it. Treat the problem directly.
this is how the democrats like to govern..pass laws nobody can see until it does become law, and then smile as everybody gets hurt...but not themselves, remember, they always exempt themselves and thier staff for having to comply with any law they pass on thier "subjects"
to the guy that had to bring up President Bush.....is enough enough? he's been retired years ago, and your still bringing him up. Why? I remember the "hanging Chads"..who old enough doesn't. Al Gore didn't want a re-count of the whole state, just those districts he knew could change the balance, yet he still lost. Voter picture ID is the best thing to prevent illegal voting. I still believe that the only why to vote early is by signing documentation that you will not be able to vote in your district on the day of the voting because of injury, illness, or on a trip elsewhere. If you are available to vote on the day of voting, then do so, don't just send in a ballet because you don't want to wait in line to vote.
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