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The OFA Exception to Political Speech

Cary17 Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 12:00 PM
Furthermore... farm subsidies are not established by the Executive Branch. They are established by CONGRESS. The President has ZERO constitutional authority over this issue, other than having the ability to veto spending bills. So... if a democrat-dominated Congress pushed through "Farm subsidy" bills... how is that the fault of the President? Don't get me wrong... I object to GWB's utter failure to use his veto powers. He should have vetoed many, many bills which came to his desk, but he failed to do so. (CONT)

Two Fridays ago, I was busy preparing for a campus debate and finishing the final edits on my next book. It was a busy day and I simply did not have time to deal with a totalitarian college administrator posing as a genuine liberal. But these people never rest. So when the phone rang I should not have been surprised. And I knew I had a responsibility to help the distressed student, despite my busier than usual schedule.

The controversy in this case was pretty simple. The UNCW College Republicans (CRs) were hosting a political event. They put up posters on...