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Ellen DeGeneres, 'Sacred Cow' of PBS

Cary17 Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 10:02 AM
Curiously, the only funny comments made by anyone... in the entire exchange... came from Ellen. Yes, her "final season" bit made me laugh. I always liked her comedy, when it was not all about her. When she "came out" it came as no surprise, but what DID come as a surprise was how she suddenly became "poster child" for gay agenda politics, and thus suddenly lost all humor. Eventually, she dialed that back and started doing what she does best... non-slanted humor. And as a result, she's still around, and still popular. I have no problem with anyone, as long as they don't try to push their personal agenda onto other people. (The "ACCCEEEEEEPPPPPPTTTT MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" whiney, shrill rants, in other words.)
The PBS broadcast of the Kennedy Center's Mark Twain Prize on Oct. 30 was a festival of tributes to Ellen DeGeneres -- which is fine, since she is quite talented comically. But it wasn't so much a tribute for the comedy as it was for her pioneering work promoting homosexuality.

For laughs, consult top producer Cappy McGarr, who insisted Ellen wasn't picked for political reasons: "The Kennedy Center is apolitical. We have had so many people who have their own brand and type of humor. We don't pick winners because of any advocacy they do. It is all about...