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Where's Luca Brasi When You Need Him?

Cartwright Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 10:16 AM
Democrats often do things that should damage their party, but do not, because they are held to a lower standard. Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and Barney Frank all got caught doing things that would have easily resulted in disgraceful resignations for Republicans. But the actions of these despicable people ostensibly resulted in no lasting harm to their party, or to their political careers. (Except for Kennedy, of course, who may have become president if not for Chappaquiddick. He nevertheless went on to serve about forty terms in the Senate.) Bill Clinton is a confirmed sexual predator, liar, and adulterer, impeached by the House, no less, yet he is utterly revered as a paragon of virtue by today's political class. Double standard indeed.
Kgolfinghawaii Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 11:18 AM
That lower standard is none at all. Look at this Menendez thing..if this was a republican or conservative he would already be out of office because those on our side would just go along with the demoncrats to oust him. Yep, NO standards at all except winning so they can steal more of our hard earned money and pass more draconian laws to affect the lives of all of us and the left voters are just plain too stupid to see it.

I had barely left the stage at CPAC when Republicans did the exact thing I told them not to do.

Contrary to giddy liberals writing the obituary of the Republican Party, the nation has not swung left. Republicans just keep losing easy races through unforced errors. I advised them to stop doing that.

Not two days later, in the Republican primary for Tim Scott's old congressional seat from South Carolina, among the top two finalists was Mark Sanford, the Todd Akin of South Carolina. You would think Akin would stand in history to teach Republicans to...