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Obama's First Term Is Like Roosevelt's Dismal Second

Cartwright Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 10:45 AM
I've always had mixed feelings about FDR. I dislike anything socialist, so the New Deal and Social Security are not things that induce fond thoughts of him for me. However, I will always admire his wartime leadership. He oversaw an incredible retooling and revitalization of a nation that was unprepared for war, to set us up for what many said was impossible; Victories in both Europe and Asia. Of course, Obama is just as inept on foreign policy as he is with the domestic economy, and since 47% isn't enough, what could rescue Obama's candidacy?
Jeff2422 Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 1:28 PM
It is not surprising that FDR did well during wartime. Social engineering, especially under our Constitution, requires a lot of brass, ego, and absolute sense of rightness. Our Constitution actually is against this type of approach in our domestic affairs because it transfers a great deal of power from the legislature to the executive in the form of rule-making agencies filled with so-called experts. In foreign affairs, a big ego and single-mindedness from a leader can get a lot done in a hurry, and the Constitution gives the President a lot of leway in this department and FDR fit the bill. But, the founders did not find these attribute pallatable on the domestic front and set-up a checks and balance system. That is why your are uneasy.
People, not least himself, have often compared Barack Obama to Franklin D. Roosevelt.

You know the narrative. He came to office in a financial crisis and proceeded to take government action to revive the economy and expand government to help the little guy.

That narrative was developed by great New Deal historians like Arthur Schlesinger Jr. and has been an article of faith among liberal Democrats ever since. Expand government, and the people will love you.

Except that it hasn't worked out exactly that way. Most Americans don't much love the stimulus package or Obamacare....