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Here's Why Obama Will Lose Wisconsin

Cartwright Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 11:03 AM
Sweet irony. So in essence, what those pro-union goons were unwittingly doing while trying to oust Scott Walker last June, was helping to oust Obama now. I love it. I see Wisconsin this way: 1) Most of those who supported Walker (a majority) will support Romney. 2) It's Paul Ryan's home state, and that should give the GOP a boost, and 3) liberal pro-union types must still be fuming at Obama for totally snubbing them last June. (Most of them will hold their noses and vote for Obama anyway, but this is nothing like the merry 'ol time they had in '08.) And some of them may even stay home. It's time for Wisconsin to go Republican again, and help sweep that dismal failure out of the White House.

President Obama avoided Wisconsin like the plague during the Walker recall campaign season because he didn't want to be associated with the liberals’ losing effort which came up 7 points short. Up until today, Obama has only visited Wisconsin twice in the past eight months (his last visit before the June 5 recall election was February 15 to Masterlock).

This morning, Obama visited Green Bay and he has two