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Facebook Billionaire Gives Up Citizenship to Escape Bad American Tax Policy

Cartwright Wrote: May 12, 2012 9:05 PM
In principle, Saverin did what he did for the same reason John Kerry moored his boat in Rhode Island to avoid the Massachusetts tax, and why Elizabeth Warren opted not to pay the optional higher Massachusetts income tax on her tax return: because people, even liberals, do not like to part with their wealth. And they will do almost anything to hold on to it. It's another example of why raising taxes on the wealthy will never amount to much.
aknowles Wrote: May 13, 2012 10:34 AM
You know, it must be hard to have millions and not enjoy them. I guess I am lucky because while the taxes I pay are not hugh, I just feel, honestly that it goes with the responsibilities of citizenship. Some times it has been hard and we had to make payments, pay penalty, interest but it was done. I believe that we, the voters, have been lax in being a watchdog of our different administration. For example, I assumed that insider trading was a crime for all. I didn't realize that Congree had unscrupulous people who were not liable for the crime. I dislike the fact that the UN is now saying we should give Mt. Rushmore to th Sioux. They are th same as any other immigerates. They came from Asia, accros the Bering Sea and took the land.
aknowles Wrote: May 13, 2012 10:40 AM
To continue, as we did. I understand there is now a move wherein the President of the United States has to ask, ask, permission from the UN before going to war. No missals into space that will leave debris. Half the profits from offshore oil, mineral drilling to the UN for their use, depriving our people of the benefits. What will the UN demand next? Give Texas back to Mexico? Give Louisiana back to France? Give Florida back to Spain? New York, Pennsylvania back to the Dutch, New England to Britain, the rest to Indians, oops, Native Americans? Will there be a United States? Not if the minority has anything to say about it and they are loud in their viciousness to destroy.

It is very sad that America’s tax system is so onerous that some rich people feel they have no choice but to give up U.S. citizenship in order to protect their family finances.

I’ve written about this issue before, particularly in the context of Obama’s class-warfare policies leading to an increase in the number of Americans “voting with their feet” for places with less punitive tax regimes.

We now have a very high-profile tax expatriate. One of the founders of Facebook is escaping for...

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