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Catholic Capitalist Replies to the Pope

Cartwright Wrote: Dec 21, 2013 11:00 AM
It baffles me how such supposedly learned men as the Popes continue to push for socialism, when even a cursory study of recent history reveals that previous attempts to do the same have resulted in starvation, stagnation, and hopelessness for tens of millions. Free market capitalism, the Pope's so-called "trickle down theory", has lifted more people out of poverty and given more people hope than all socialistic schemes put together. If socialism is allowed to proceed far enough, a subdued, underachieving, miserable population is actually a best-case scenario. The twentieth century has shown us how much worse than that it can get. I am a Catholic, but I cannot get behind the Church on many of these issues, because the Church's leaders tend to be so pigheadedly wrong about them. They're still on the right side of the fence on abortion, gay so-called marriage, and euthanasia. But on big-government socialism, welfare, and amnesty, the Church is way too far to the left, which is probably why so many Catholics violated their consciences to vote (twice) for one of history's biggest abortion champions.