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It is very hard to reason with psychopath's who hallucinate continually and get paid enormous sums for their wild ideas.
Well, they are protected by commie unions which does isolate them from the law.
HUD has now forced former senior housing units.they subsidized to favor the new class of young mentally-unwilling-to-work Social Security roles to mingle with vulnerable old folks. You know, the ones who claim they aren't getting enough free stuff and are encouraged to take from the halves.
What is worse, HUD is now forcing former subsidized senior housing complexes to house the mentally ill, mostly supposed former drug addicts.
Over 2 years ago, I move into a senior housing complex supported by HUD. Since then, I began to notice a new class of mentally deranged were being place when the older folks moved out. Within a short period of time serious safety issues began to occur. apparently HUD has shifted the emphasis of their support from seniors to the irresponsible youths now saturating SS. They call it diversity while seniors call it madness.
Strange, isn't it. Socialists use the constitution to protect their rights while desperately trying to remove the rights of others under the exact same laws..
If you want to see how emotionally unstable people react to criticism look no further than the nearest Democrat that has never been allowed to think for themselves.
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Obamacare Just Keeps on Tanking

carterthewriter Wrote: Mar 11, 2014 12:55 AM
What most people fail to realize is this plan has nothing to do with health care. It al about controlling how people are to pay for it in a shared sense. Your premiums will not go down if you don't abuse it. When I paid cash for medical services and went to see my doctor, he gave me preferential treatment knowing I had to have something seriously wrong with me to have bothered him.
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Squeegee People

carterthewriter Wrote: Mar 03, 2014 4:07 AM
Excellent analogy Mike. I moved out f New Jersey 40 years ago when the bums took over that state. Feds went after the mob so they decided to become politicians and pass laws exempting themselves from prosecution. Example: Has Corzine been arrested yet?
Great article as usual, Mona. Sooner or later, this nonsense must be stopped. The only thing about my being so old, I won't have to tolerate it much longer.
Without Holder's backing, none of the things Obama has been doing would ever be happening. Lawyers are suppose to advise their clients when they attempt to break the law.
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