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Comcast Boasts 'Diversity,' on and off Camera

carterthewriter Wrote: May 04, 2012 1:34 PM
While so many thought NBC would change after Comcast took control, obviously not. They're even worse. Like unions, cable companies actially have a captive audience. The two largest must be controlled by sociolists. Also, how the unions work. Both, ignore their members/sunscribers

The new frontier just keeps arriving. New York magazine reports NBC programming chief Robert Greenblatt has given the go-ahead for a new sitcom called "The New Normal." NBC's new normal is about two gay men who start a family using a surrogate. Greenblatt is apparently so enamored with the concept that he's strongly considering having the 20th Century Fox TV-produced sitcom launch by August, following NBC's broadcast of the summer Olympics.

The show comes from Ryan Murphy, the gay creator of "Glee," "American Horror Story," and "Nip/Tuck." This is only part of a growing Comcast/NBC Universal campaign promoting homosexuality.