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If this is your view point we should all be worried. You seem to represent the 'ignorant' masses.
Wow, if you went past grade 8 I'd be surprised. It's obvious that you don't have a clue what any of the terms you are using actually mean.
Consider doing the world a favor and using it on your self.
Because most people don't pay attention to politics; they still get sucked in by charisma and BS sound bites. It takes time to get informed and most people aren't willing to spend the time.
No . ... actually he's still trying to fix the mess made by Republican policies. I went through a divorce and 4 years later am still trying to get my life on track. Try getting a country back on track after a fiasco the magnitude of which this country has never seen.... all created by the Bush admin (REPUBLICAN) !!! Take ownership rather than blame. Obama is and always will be the smartest man in the room and is going in the right direction.
I just saw a paid ad by Thomas Peterffy. All he's doing is making Republicans look like idiots (which most are). He doesn't know the difference between 'socialism' and what it means to be a 'social democrat'. All that money and no brains??
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