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time for Congress to stop him with his EOs...he's going to kill us all.
http://freebeacon.com/politics/the-hillary-letters/ Female version of BHO
Well...based on this article...where is the "government" with Lois Lerner? Two different sets of rules. Again, D'Souza admitted his wrong....where is Lois these days...oh...that's right bragging to Politico of her discriminatory rights to exclude and hold up certain tax exempt organizations who do not agree with this administration.
Here's what I want to know. Where are the lawyers for Perry on this. The indictment is tainted. Meaning a Democratic operative served on the panel, posted her "glee" on Facebook and was also in contact with a Democratic Senator who wanted this indictment to go through. How is that legal? If this were a trial...it would be a mistrial. Let's get on the ball attorneys and get this thing kicked out. There was a political motive there...any operative from either party CANNOT be objective.
Michelle...you are absolute right. BTW...is the USA still a sovereign country?
Well...wait until November elections and then you can be mathematically challenged trying to figure out how many of these RINOs and Dims have gone bye bye
Please read the following site. Also, please google Catholic and Baptist Charities given GRANT MONEY back in 2010-2012 to bring Central American children over the border. BTW...children are now considered such at the age of 22. http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-Texas/2014/07/29/Collect-More-Than-7-2-k-Per-Month-for-Fostering-Adult-Illegal-Aliens/
I know this sounds terrible...but those in Kentucky...what do we have to lose to vote for the Democrat and get this cancer out of the Senate.
Well...what the hey...he believes in the Ukraine's border. He believes and we guard South Korea's. He just won't do his job with concern to the USA.
Yeh...it would be nice if they did...but then they have the Chamber of Commerce deal going on. Establishment Republicans are not all that pure on this. BTW...if you look at the bill that Obama proposed...most of the $$ goes to other departments rather than the border security...PORK...PORK....PORK.
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