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Primary Contest May End Before Pennsylvania

CarolynAlder Wrote: Apr 01, 2012 11:50 AM
The Framers of the Constitution designed a far superior method to elect a President than what we do today. All states nominated candidates on the same day and all states were equal in the final selection. No billions of dollars in campaigning, campaign promises, catering to special interests, buying votes, or beating each other up or machinations of party politics! World Net Daily featured an article by Henry Lamb of "Freedom21" yesterday, "This is no way to elect a President"

Less than a month before the Republican presidential primary in Pennsylvania, some experts warn that Rick Santorum faces a second humiliating defeat in a state he represented for sixteen years in Washington D.C.

The campaign should end before the April 24 primary here if the former senator continues to slide in opinion polls and lose other primaries, said Ed Morrissey, editor of the widely-read conservative blog, Hot Air.

“Losing in Pennsylvania not only finishes him in the race, but it may finish him for good,” said Morrissey, who caucused for Santorum last week in Minnesota.

A Franklin and Marshall Poll released...