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frankly, i am not interested in pandering to the "hispanic vote". the RULE OF LAW is much more important
luke - the article is about three BLACK leaders..... i guess you missed that part
dollysboy - you sound kind of dumb yourself - the article was about three BLACK leaders. somehow you think the article was about a blonde white woman.......... your reading comprehension skills are a bit lacking as are your analytic skills - i guess you are a typical obama voter
you are absolutely correct. i wonder about the parents who, with a straight face, assure their children that, "you are safe", as they drop them off at a school.
a1 - surely, as you know from your reading of the Gulag, the gulag system was utilized by the communist gov't in russia as a means of incarcerating political dissidents. while alex may have reflecting on the origins of evil, he was not blind to the fact that evil people do evil things to other people. it seems that you are throwing around literary works without even knowing what you are talking about.
surely, sir, YOU JEST
thank you for the heads up!!!!!! i'm packing my ice chest full of ice now and will soon be jumping down the rabbit hole in my backyard!
exactly true. but then, the pea-brained libs don't want to bother with all of that..... they just want to spew the party line
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