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In Search of Meaning at Sandy Hook

Carolyn272 Wrote: Dec 16, 2012 12:26 PM
The glaring truth that is being overlooked in these mass murders is the obvious mental instability of those who commit these crime, the warning signs and complicity of the mental health professions in protecting them. In the Movie Theatre Massacre in Colorado, the perpetrator was seeing a counselor, but we aren't allowed to delve into that because of patient protection rights. Counselors these days don't accept good and evil, right and wrong. Their patients are victims, doncha know. Moral relativism is a dangerous concept. And in the Columbine massacre the perps were producing scary videos and giving all sorts of warning signs. Why did no one follow up? We're too afraid of offending them, it seems.

There are just some things children should never see.

Unfortunately for those who attend Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newton, Ct. they now have not only seen them but will have them burned in their memories for the better part of their lives. Being escorted by police, stepping over bodies of dead classmates, trying to avoid stepping in pools of blood, and simply getting out of your schoolhouse and back to the safety of the arms of a parent--would be trauma enough--even without the violent screams of terror and gunshot that preceded it.

The innocence of a child is...