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By the way, what is your position on the three Israeli teens slaughtered by the Palestinian Hamas evildoers? Time to change your anti-Jewish sentiment.
Apologies, but I'd still rather have RINO Scott Brown in the Senate than fascist Elizabeth Warren.
If I lived in Massachusetts, I would have voted for Scott Brown. If he wouldn't have been voted out of the Senate, Obamacare wouldn't have passed.
How about the "nice" tactic of sending in a supporter to take photos of Cochran's wife with dementia. Meanness isn't limited to one side. Politics is vicious.
If we don't stop name-calling and in-fighting and instead start bringing an optimistic, inclusive message to unfriendly places like black neighborhoods and college universities (e.g., Stanford and black Howard University), as Rand Paul does, we'll just keep losing. Preaching to only the choir has never worked.
When you list Duncan Hunter, Jason Chaffetrz, Pete Sessions, Jim Sensenbrenner, and Marsha Blackburn as "progresives," you need to do your homework.
Right, Sloandog. The national Tea Party didn't even bother to support Mr. Brat, and that's the only winner for which it took credit. When the national Tea Party got involved in other state races, the Republican opposition won. This tells us that you need to get involved in your state and local Tea Party.
Sorry, Randall, the dictionary does not state that amnesty "effectively means" amnesty. I understand everything you're saying and agree with you: The dems will distort the law. and the President will do what he wants. I totally agree with establishing English as our national language, but that includes learning the language correctly--not distorting it for political advantage. As an editor, redefining the term amnesty drives me nuts. And I'm a conservative, involved Republican, believe it or not.
GDVader: This is the most realistic, sensible, rational post I've seen. Everybody should read it.
Not all aliens are coming in on land. Terrorists know how to fly (witness 9/11). Other illegals are those who come in on temporary visas and never go home. This is a massive problem that can't be solved by denying reality.
The House has voted many times to defund barrycare and Harry Reid has refused to bring it up. VOTE OUT THE DEMOCRAT SENATE.
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