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It would be a big help if the anti-Jeb crowd would be less nasty. Republicans are getting a bad reputation just for our mean attitude. Let's come up with some great ideas (e.g., medical tort reform!) and stop the negativity. It doesn't win elections. Cheer up! Looks like we're going to win the Senate, and then we can make a real difference.
I feel badly about the IRS abuses of Christine O'Donnell, but the reason I opposed her in the Republican race is that she comes across as dumb as a stump. Republicans have to be smarter in who we nominate.
What succinct wisdom! Feminism and Godlessness put us on the downward path.
FINALLY -- someone who rationally states the winning strategy. It's so refreshing in contrast to the childish name-calling and destructive infighting. Thanks, JamesInOhio!!
Who's running as a "moderate?" Stop the silliness and look at their past records to predict how they will govern. For example, Cornyn is one of the most conservative members of Congress, yet he has been branded as a "moderate" with a non-winnable Republican opponent. Get informed.
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Cruz Control?

Carolyn272 Wrote: Feb 19, 2014 12:10 PM
Some Tea Party adherents (not all the groups) are sounding like liberals -- basing their positions on emotion rather than reason. How many times have the so-called "Rinos" in the House submitted a austere budget? (many -- look it up). Or voted for Obamacare? (answer: zero). Look up the records on some of these "Rinos", and watch their chairing of committee and sub-committee meetings. Then start yapping about how terrible all of the current Republicans are. Until we get control of the Senate (and keep the House), we conservatives can get nothing. Do the math.
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Ryan Saves GOP from Itself

Carolyn272 Wrote: Dec 14, 2013 12:05 PM
Ryan's detractors are acting like liberals -- based on emotions rather than logic and reality. With 1/3 of federal government, we're fortunate to have gotten as much as we did -- particularly military funding and avoiding another government shutdown -- which cost us the Virginia race because of all those people out of work during the shutdown..
Republicans need to gain control of both houses and the presidency to get anything passed. It shouldn't be too difficult to install laws to ban sanctuary cities and other nutty laws that enable the arrest and deportation of true felons, as distinguished from long-term families who were invited by our government to come here and work a couple of decades ago. Forget redefining "amnesty." That's akin to liberals' wanting to redefine "marriage." Corruption of dictionary definitions puts us on the road to the Tower of Babel.
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Rebuke to Steve King

Carolyn272 Wrote: Jul 26, 2013 11:57 AM
What some thick-headed people don't seem to get is that ALL illegal Mexicans aren't the same. There are those who committed an infraction (not a felony or even a misdemeanor) by being invited to come and work here and have been here decades working hard, raising fine children, and obeying the law. Then there is the current crop of drug-running hoodlums who are running across the border and being true criminals. The kind of mentality that groups all Hispanics as the same should also group all white druggies as the same as you.
I'm weary at pointing out the abuse of the definition of "amnesty." As a conservative editor (an anomaly, to be sure), it is just as deceitful to misuse the established definition to suit one's political purposes as it is for liberals to misuse the definition of "marriage." A path to citizenship may be debated, but it does not meet the definition of amnesty.
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