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Bloody Battles Within the GOP

Carolyn272 Wrote: Oct 03, 2014 12:48 PM
Get a grip and remember Reagan. He attracted votes because of his upbeat, accepting, welcoming, optimistic demeanor. Most of he Comments below sound like childish ranting that won't get you anywhere.
In Washington state, one high school with the Redskins name is resisting a name change. This school and town, including American Indians, are proud of the name Redskins.
Once we get over expecting earmarks for our own state, we'll be on our way. Wake up, voters! And some despised establishment reps are fine (think Issa, Goudy, etc. etc.). Don't throw out the baby with the bath water.
Conservatives are supposed to be optimistic and have an optimistic message -- not yapping against each other and the evil Dems. Support those who have a positive plan rather than a pessimistic message. Think Reagan! P.S. According to one interesting report, the candidate who has won all Presidential elections since TV came in has been the one with the biggest smile. You may say "Aha -- Bush? Really?" But he had a bigger smile than Gore.
You don't think ANY Republicans are supportable? Some are really trying but hit a snag when the Senate won't bring up any of their many, many, many bills. Elect Republicans to the Senate, get rid of Reid, and watch what happens!
Thanks for a thoughtful reply. It would help if BOTH sides would stop the yelling and act like adults. Some incumbents are fine -- really!
It goes both ways. You don't think that the Tea Party is skeptical (i.e., nasty and mean) toward the perceived monolithic "GOP Establishment?" What would Jesus say about the yelling and screaming from all sides? Simmer down and have a rational debate.
The biggest problem with the Republican party right now is the infighting. We agree on most issues. For example, NO Republicans in the House voted for Obamacare. If we don't get our act together before the election, hello to the Dems again.
Have you ever heard of Issa, Goudy, McMorrris-Rogers, Ryan, etc. etc. etc.? If we don't win back the Senate, the 200+ bills to repeal Obamacare and the hard work of many "RINOS" will go for nothing. Branding the entire Republican "establishment" as RINOS shows ignorance. Try watching CSPAN sometime and get to know them better.
P.S. If you would rather have Obama as President than Romney, it shows that some "Republicans" are dictated by emotion rather than reason," just like Democrats.
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