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Who Are Obama's Real Enablers?

Carolyn258 Wrote: Apr 02, 2013 6:55 AM
As long as the mainstream media continue to praise him to High Heaven, he will be a formidable force to modify. He's been allowed to go too far; already our nation has been drastically transformed. The continuing influx of illegal immigrants from third-world countries, which just hasn't been properly addressed by the mainstream media nor in any way controlled by the agencies of law in our country, advances Obama's agenda, too. In other words, we've lost the battle, folks!
I was reading the Old Testament book of Amos a few days ago and was reminded that liberation theologians get much comfort from that prophet's decrying the mistreatment of the poor.

At about the same time, I read a piece by a brilliant conservative analyst with whom I sometimes disagree who was arguing that some conservatives don't take the formidable Barack Obama seriously enough and, in effect, give him cover with their over-the-top depictions of Obama as a Marxist and worse. He erroneously assumes that these supposedly hyperbolic characterizations are motivated by greed (stirring up audiences yields more revenues) and, in any...

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