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Where Will You Go if America Collapses?

Carolyn258 Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 7:25 AM
Oh, yes, Latinos are happy. I note this in my small hometown in New Jersey which seems to be a dumping ground for hordes of Mexican illegals. If I ever won the Mega-Millions lottery, my chant would be: "Give me Switzerland or give me death!" What absolutely amazes me is that 52% of the population of the good ol' USA simply does not realize that in the White House is the ultimate Terminator...of our once noble nation.

A reader from New York has a follow-up question for me.

Referencing a “Question of the Week” from last month, in which I expressed guarded optimism that America could be saved, she wants to know what I would do if things go the wrong way.

In other words, what if things go really wrong and America suffers a Greek-style fiscal collapse? And imagine how bad that might be since there wouldn’t be an IMF or European Central Bank capable of providing bailouts to the United States.

Perhaps because of an irrational form of patriotism, I’m fairly certain that I...

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