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Throwing in the Towel on Obama

Carolyn258 Wrote: Apr 11, 2013 6:52 AM
Are you serious? What is more substantial than acknowledging the total failure of our sitting President's administration? When he was doing nothing but sitting pretty in Congress, well, that's one story...but as commander-in-chief, his decisions are crucial to the very future of this once great nation. Obama is the biggest mistake that 51% of Americans made.

Barack Obama's second term is off to a very bad start. Even Liberal commentators - at least those with any credibility - are suggesting it may be time for him to lead more and campaign less.

Obama brought a plane load (Air Force One) of relatives of victims of the horror in Newtown to lobby Senators on the eve of a procedural vote, now scheduled for tomorrow, on a gun control bill. reporter Reid Epstein wrote:

”President Barack Obama's gone from ambitious arguments for sweeping gun control to trying to stop a filibuster…and for the first time, Obama began to...