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The Color-Blind Child of the 1960s

Carolyn258 Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 7:11 AM
Unfortunately, these hippies of the 1960s went into public education, and they have dangerously brainwashed their students with the mantra of "White privilege." If Hillary is our next President, then I'm afraid that these wannabe Marxist "freaks" (that's what they called themselves!) will have completed their mission: to appease their God, Fidel, and destroy The United States of America.

According to CNS News, the Department of Public Instruction in Wisconsin is “instructing” its white volunteers for VISTA to do a bit of self examination before they go to work with impoverished people of color. And apparently a good dose of guilt is what the department has in mind. (Never mind the ominous, Orwellian ring that the name “Department of Public Instruction” has to it.) The DPI  apparently wants to raise its volunteers awareness that they are white and thus privileged, and should apparently be ashamed of it. How that builds espirit de corps, I don’t know. Depressed,...