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Well, it's supposed to be all about choice, even for our kiddies. Place that small package of chocolate chip cookies right next to the carton of milk.
Robert437 -- At age 68 I'm just now studying German, a beautiful language. I understood about 70% of your message. :)
Yes, Barbara Walters' affair with Fidel Castro has never been a secret. She should be ashamed of herself and also should have had her credibility as a journalist flushed down the nearest toilet. Yet, the past few days she's been crowned like a queen. Now that she's retired, let her go nurse Castro in downtown Havana. That's really what she's best at.
Rutgers University, my alma mater, is still a fine place of learning. It's just that, as with many colleges, it has lowered its student acceptance bar and follows a politically correct student blend, not necessarily based on academic prowess. There's a number of uber liberal professors, as well.
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Liberal Racism

Carolyn258 Wrote: May 04, 2014 10:08 AM
...and he's so (Jewish) Latino, and I'm so Italian...(oh, and one of us is poor)
It all started with WOODSTOCK. Certain seen and unseen "forces" started brainwashing that generation, and these messed-up "hippies" (they referred to themselves as 'freaks') passed their twisted values onto their children. Along with that, the mainstream media -- television, radio stations, movies -- contributed to the massacre of traditional American values. And, then, along came OBAMA.
Once again Michelle Malkin puts the tail on the donkey. I don't view mainstream media news pundits, but Gregory sounds like Roger Grimsby incarnate. You go, girl!
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America Belongs To Easter

Carolyn258 Wrote: Apr 20, 2014 9:07 AM
I disagree with the commentator's equation of 'Easter = Freedom," but Moudy's heart is in the right place. Easter's metaphor is "eternal life." The sacredness cannot be taken away from the event, the "holiday."
Glenn has survived despite the odds...the liberal mainstream media hoping for his demise. I'll never forget his TV programs which revealed so much about our sitting President. It took much courage for Glenn to do this. I look forward to seeing "The Christmas Sweater."
What else can one expect from a negative Leo? Another one is Fidel Castro. They view themselves as royalty. Two others were: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Mae West, but they were not negative Leos, but did have some self-perception of royalty.
I believe it is a Hindu holy day.
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