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This is one brilliant and courageous treatise. It should be reprinted in every mainstream medium, such as...The New York Times. (yea, right)
Oh, come on! Has England lost its mind. I bet they're afraid of standing up against these Devils because of our 9/11 tragedy. This is horrifying!
Many of us who post are Independents.
"honest and trustworthy???" "comprehends the problems of people like you???" Americans have surely been drinking too much kool-aid! Obama, born out of the United States and an extreme Leftist...should not even have made it to the House of Representatives. The Leftist Underground crawled out of the sewers when Obama was placed on the presidential ballot.
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The Ferguson Feeding Frenzy

Carolyn258 Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 7:03 AM
That's right, Fred 1666! And, the Black community (with which I'm too familiar) fully realizes it's being played, and that seems to be perfectly fine with them.
Michael Brown was doing something that my parents told me never to do and that was become aggressive with a cop. Come on...Brown wasn't alone; he had a gang of stirred up Blacks behind him. Cops have a right to defend themselves, as well. There was a strong possibility that teenage Brown may have reached for the cop's gun. As as a former inner-city teacher, I've been in the midst of Black city kids rioting inside our school building. Scary as hell!
Seawolf -- You got it right again. The mainstream media refuse to cover the heinous, ongoing violent crimes within the Black population. i saw them during my tenure as an inner-city teacher. What Blacks do to their own kind is much worse than any encounter they have with other races. The mainstream media in our country is criminal as well.
A gang of punks was heading directly into a police officer, albeit with other cops behind him. It was the start of a street riot by these teens. The cop was defending himself and the others behind him by shooting, but he should have aimed for a less vulnerable part of the body. It was a tough decision in a brief amount of time.
This is why I don't watch mainstream TV news anymore. Yes, I view Fox. I guess Mitchell is another one of those female reporters who stupidly see Fidel as some romantic revolutionary hero. Maybe she should interview some of the Cuban exiles of the 1960s. I could introduce her to a young adult former student of mine whose father, coming home from work, died in a blown up, bombed train, courtesy of the guerrillas for Fidel.
Fidel Castro wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for the medical genius of heart doctors in New York City. He's had more than one surgery for more than one health issue in our country. It's time for him to SHUT HIS COMMIE MOUTH, wouldn't you say?
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