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TheWoz, This one's easy. Its very close proximity to our borders.
"Failed to advance our interests." What's our uber-liberal Commander-in-Chief talking about? Cuba has nothing to give us. This is one disgrace! Of course, it was only a matter of time. I guess we'll soon be paying for his personal visit to Fidel and Raul.
Tiny island...big military, financed by Big Boy Reds, including individual wealthy Marxists. If anyone here longs for Cuba, let him or her swim there!
Not surprising! It's clear our sitting President is a socialist, and I have a gut feeling that Obama, in his college years, has already visited Communist Cuba. Just a hunch. The USA doesn't need any type of relations with Cuba. It's a dump!
That's right, Rich L.! Maybe now the Aussies will catch up with the rest of the world or at least...us.
Come on. We gave them gambling casinos. I may be wrong, but autonomous "Indian" tribes were always slaughtering one another before the Europeans came along. BTW, if you've ever gone to a pow-wow, say, in New York State, the Indian women sport jewelry that I can only dream about!
"Other than FOX?" Are you serious? FOX has the courage to deliver news that is swept under the rug by the liberal TV stations
They should be sorry. Don't they recall '9/ll?" Hope Australia has learned the truth about such people. They better now! "Self-Proclaimed Sheik?" Gimme a break!
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Why Did Disney Block God?

Carolyn258 Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 6:53 AM
I'm wondering if the early, original Disney cartoons that our grandchildren saw eliminated the concept of God. I think Gepeppo (sp) had Pinocchio kneel to prayer before getting into bed, but, if so, Pinocchio was presented as a "wooden head" little boy who had a lot to learn about the world. Just wondering. I guess we have to read the biography of Walt Disney to know the truth.
Sadly, the time is up for Mitt! We have too many Leftist radicals controlling the voting booth, and then there's the illegal aliens who always vote Democrats - yes, they do get a vote in if they have a legitimate address. Mitt should be sitting in the Oval office right now. I'm afraid Hiliary will make it there and then that's it for this once great natiion.
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