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Hillary Clinton's Identity Crisis

Carolyn258 Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 6:59 PM
When an individual requires "corporate marketing specialists" to become POTUS, then something's rotten in the State of Denmark, if you get my drift. Keep this dangerous charlatan out of our White House. She's been there already, anyway.
Come on. Everyone knows that a Vice-President is insignificant...just a figurehead who no one really considers. Leave the old coot be! (anyway, he's comic relief from Obama)
Sadly, I think it's game over already. Hilliary will be our next President. It seems to be all over for Western Europe, too, because they're so in the line of fire from Islamic militants already populating their major cities. How did we get to this point and when did it all start?
These creeps aren't being kept captive in the United States of America. Each one of them can forfeit their citizenship here and go live on some island somewhere. Hey, I know where: CUBA!
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Can Israel Survive?

Carolyn258 Wrote: Jan 29, 2015 6:09 PM
This is one brilliant and foreboding article. I'm not terribly politically acute, but I strongly sense that the very fact that the United States of America has a Leftist President who was born in a Muslim country and who shows no clear loyalty to Israel nor to our European allies... is the biggest threat to the survival of our closest ally in the world, Israel. And, just as an aside, a friend of mine recently visited London for the first time "to see a Brit in person." He says that all he saw in London were...Muslims. The times they are a'changing in a way no Westerner could have imagined.
TheWoz, This one's easy. Its very close proximity to our borders.
"Failed to advance our interests." What's our uber-liberal Commander-in-Chief talking about? Cuba has nothing to give us. This is one disgrace! Of course, it was only a matter of time. I guess we'll soon be paying for his personal visit to Fidel and Raul.
Tiny island...big military, financed by Big Boy Reds, including individual wealthy Marxists. If anyone here longs for Cuba, let him or her swim there!
Not surprising! It's clear our sitting President is a socialist, and I have a gut feeling that Obama, in his college years, has already visited Communist Cuba. Just a hunch. The USA doesn't need any type of relations with Cuba. It's a dump!
That's right, Rich L.! Maybe now the Aussies will catch up with the rest of the world or at least...us.
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