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As a Christian, I 'hail' God. To glorify a mere man appears blasphemous IMO.
Bravo! I have to agree with your statement. Yet, I don't believe that blacks are held to the same standard of performance. The reason I say this is because I have witnessed over and over again (even in my own life); blacks out-performing whites in the workplace, politics, social arena, etc.-- and still it is often not 'good' enough -- we are often last hired, first fired, least promoted, 2nd in command instead of 1st or in supportive roles... Bottom line is that discrimination has not ended for racial minorities.
I believe the majority of black parents will tell their children the truth if President Obama is defeated in this election. The truth is that the people did not believe his policies and direction for the country were 'good' for the country; AND as a black man, his mistakes would not be as tolerable had they been made by a white president. Unfortunately, race has played a major role in this presidency - from beginning to end. To deny that truth is dishonest. As much as I believe black parents will tell the truth to their children; I believe the majority of white parents will place more emphasis on his race as a 'fail' factor -- black people are not as intelligent as whites and he couldn't do the job. I hope I'm wrong.
If this president has done so poorly, why is there such a close race? This many people in the corner of the president isn't demonstrative of someone who has done a poor job -- something has been done right. What is it?
'Do no harm' seems to work for everyone else but U.S. citizens by this president's administration. I'm still grappling with allowing 1.8 million illegal aliens amnesty while 25 million Americans are out of work.
A lot of black people will still vote for Obama, but he will lose some of our votes because of his 'non-Christian' admissions and actions in support of abortion and same-sex marriage. His fruit falls too far from the tree.
I'm a black American Christian woman and I remember agreeing with Franklin Graham when he questioned the president's faith. We agree that the reason we have questions is because of the 'fights' the president has taken on that appear to not only support, but champion abortion and same-sex marriage - two sins that Christians know their Lord abhors. So, if Franklin Graham is a 'racist' because of these opinions, what does that make me?
Is the epithet necessary? 'Nig'? It's time for all citizens of the U.S. to pull together for our country. This is deliberately devisive!
The first amendment does not trump lives. In this instance, I agree that the offensive film should be suppressed.
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