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Mighty WHITE list you got here! I ain't mad at ya though. Kind of heavy on the male-side too!!! Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, Deneen Borelli, Mia Love, Sen Tim Scott...
Just can't get past skin color can you? Why not judge them on the content of their character and the decisions they make? What's skin color got to do with it?
Awwww, did John McCain's little ole' feelings get hurt. Why? He wasn't the one called a liar (but if the shoe fits). We must not go back to the politically-correct mantras!
Gotta give Paul Ryan his props, he rocked it and shut that f/ool down!
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Quite a Turnaround

CarolinaSistah Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 11:34 PM
Mrs. Dowery has been exploited from the very beginning by those wishing to make their own political points. She is still being exploited, however, she has the right to feel, think, and say whatever she wants, whether it supports or opposes someone else.
Blacks voted for Obama because he was the better man for the job in their opinion. It didn't hurt that Obama was also black and a Democrat. Romney might have done better had he even made a small attempt to reach blacks and hispanics.
As a registered black Democrat, I would have voted for a Michelle Bachman, Allen West, or Herman Cain. It was the 'mormanism' that I couldn't support, not republicanism. The Republicans stand for values that I also support. It was not about 'party' for this black, female Democrat. It was about values and morality.
I believe this demographic is as important a factor as race. I didn't like his positions on 'female rights' either.
I am a black American Christian and I did not drink the obama-laced kool-aid. I could have voted for Obama for his fiscal and economic policies because I don't think any president is truly going to deal with those issues. I could not vote for Romney because of what and who he worships as 'god'. I could not vote for Obama because his moral stances on issues that affect the family, God-given freedoms, and life were opposing stances to my God. I don't know many black Americans who did not vote for Obama, but I do know that I was not the only black who didn't vote for him. I believe there are many of us who did not vote based upon race, but voted according to our love for God and country.
Bless him Lord. His foot is starting to look really funny hanging in his mouth!
How do we get rid of this man?
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