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Had they been illegal immigrants, they would have been allowed to stay - with benefits! This decision makes absolutely no sense!
Her husband needs youth participation and she says this? Who is the real 'knucklehead'?
This video gave me chills. Without the accent, she could be any American right now.
Teaching children of this age the proper names for external body parts, improper touching, and bullying is not inappropriate sexual education IMO. It is anatomy, personal safety, and self-esteem.
Obama is so unpopular right now that Bill has to be used as the 'draw' for these young interns. Of course, they couldn't just leave Obama out of the ad, hence we've got both of the evil deceivers.
And the employer plan losses will be where the middle class feels the pain!
Mighty WHITE list you got here! I ain't mad at ya though. Kind of heavy on the male-side too!!! Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, Deneen Borelli, Mia Love, Sen Tim Scott...
Just can't get past skin color can you? Why not judge them on the content of their character and the decisions they make? What's skin color got to do with it?
Awwww, did John McCain's little ole' feelings get hurt. Why? He wasn't the one called a liar (but if the shoe fits). We must not go back to the politically-correct mantras!
Gotta give Paul Ryan his props, he rocked it and shut that f/ool down!
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Quite a Turnaround

CarolinaSistah Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 11:34 PM
Mrs. Dowery has been exploited from the very beginning by those wishing to make their own political points. She is still being exploited, however, she has the right to feel, think, and say whatever she wants, whether it supports or opposes someone else.
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