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Note to Union Teachers: If You Want to be Treated Like Professionals, Act Like It

carole28 Wrote: Mar 14, 2013 2:02 PM
As a former teacher, I agree with what you've said. I watched the deterioration of the profession over 39 years. There are too many who want to be "friends" with their students, especially at the high school level. And as someone here has already said, too many who are out the door as soon as the bell rings. Ken6565 is right, too, in saying that a professional teacher's priority is the kids. That's why I entered the profession, and that is the reward of the profession, seeing the lightbulbs go off when a lesson is learned. Of course, earning a decent wage is important, but way too many have that "entitlement" mentality that seems to permeate society today. Get the unions out of teaching!

I was deeply troubled when video surfaced last week of striking Strongsville, Ohio teachers heckling substitute teachers who were applying to be their temporary replacements.

Over 300 teachers are on strike because the school board is refusing to give them automatic raises, and the school board undercut their mass temper tantrum by hiring substitutes to keep schools open.

The substitutes, complete with police escorts, had to endure heckling and jeering by the strikers. The unionists often followed alongside the substitutes, berating them and yelling in their faces as they headed to the local police department for mandatory background checks.

The entire...