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Feel-Good Bills That Turn Into Do-Nothing Laws

carole28 Wrote: Apr 07, 2013 11:46 AM
I live in CT where the governor, dem-dominated government, and some weak-minded rinos have been patting themselves on the back since Malloy signed the new gun law. Last night I watched part of a discussion on local news about how this law came about. Basically, some dem "lawmakers" put together what they wanted to include and showed their list to the repubs who had their own list. Very few common sense arguments followed; the dems prevailed as they always do in CT; a few repubs caved in, and now we have what they call a bipartisan new law which would have done NOTHING to save those poor children and teachers in Newtown. Anyone with common sense knows that 1) there are sick people in this world, and 2) criminals don't care about laws.
Jilli Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 11:07 AM
Would you feel the same if it was your 6 year old son or daughter that was obliterated?
carole28 Wrote: Apr 07, 2013 11:49 AM
Obviously, CT and the federal government have NO common sense and no understanding that, unfortunately, there will be another incident. It may be in CT or in some other state, but there are enough sick people and criminals who don't care about these "feel-good" laws that do nothing but give the idiots who represent us the chance to pat themselves on the back. I'm thoroughly disgusted with gov't at EVERY level.
Readers share their ideas. Since the massacre in December in Newtown, Conn., which left 20 children and six elementary-school staff members dead, readers have passed on a host of so-called remedies. Let's make gun owners be licensed and pass a test, some have suggested. So the problem is, I ask them, that these mass killers aren't good shots?

A tax on ammunition, others chime in. So, I counter, you don't want gun owners practicing at shooting ranges?

Basically, the gun haters are angry about Newtown. They blame lawful gun owners for the behavior of criminals, so they support nuisance laws that restrict the...

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