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Oakland’s Radical Occupy Teachers Finally Reveal Their Goal: ‘Abolish Capitalism’

CAROL2488 Wrote: Jan 12, 2013 7:57 AM
It's not just in California. All across the country, our universities are infested with Socialists. Even in the south, the lest liberal area of the country, professors in public and private universities are instructing our children to admire socialist Europe and be wary of freedom loving Americans. The students, wanting also to be "intellectuals" also, mimic their professors, returning home to parents who are uninformed, not as highly educated, and live in a bubble. When did "intellectual" come to mean "very liberal" and anti-American? We must take back our schools and universities - now!

At least the teachers of Occupy Oakland are finally being honest about their political agenda.

They’re openly calling for an all-out abolition of capitalism.

The Occupy Oakland Education Committee – comprised of public school teachers from the Oakland, California school district – has renamed its publication “ClassRoom Struggle” and its platform TEACH, which stands for “Transform Education, Abolish Capitalism and Heal.”

Finally the radical teachers have acknowledged what we’ve been saying all along: they want to end capitalism and replace it with a socialist economy, quite possibly enforced by a totalitarian form of government.

And what, precisely, is their strategy?...