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ONLY if it rising looking like cigarette smoke…
I wonder if Bloomberg ever really thought about the air while standing on a corner in New York City. Second hand smoke in the air versus carbon monoxide. Michael - question - which 10X12 room would you rather be locked in for 30 minutes - one with 5 smokers smoking or one with 1 car running? He'd walk out of the smoking room but would probably be DEAD from the running car room. The problem with Bloomberg and all the other nannies is - people are enjoying the e cigarettes way too much. Can't have that!!
A disgrace that Obama didn't even attempt to have these people released. Just more proof that he has no regard and probably disdain for Americans and most particularly, Christians.
All movements have some basis of good - couldn't sell them if they didn't. Women's Movement (I lived it) was supposed to be about equal pay for equal work. It morphed quickly into bra burning, easy sex, and abortion. The Civil Rights movement was for equality for blacks. No one dreamed it would morph into affirmative action and busing, but it surely did. We can count on Common Core doing the same only the consequences will be devastating, not only to our children but to the citizens that they will become. Judging from a sampling of the controversial material already in Common Core, just imagine what it will be in five years. "Critical thinking", "higher order thinking", and "rigor" aside - America did very well in past generations without the federal government controlling our race to the top!
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American Psychosis 2014

CAROL2488 Wrote: Dec 02, 2013 8:04 AM
Oh they recognize the lie alright but hide behind corporate (or government) bull s$$t to escape accountability. The girl at the rental car counter lied - probably to increase some ridiculous little bonus she gets for selling the insurance. The Delta employees just didn't want to fool with the wrong seat/extra charge for nothing. They simply DON'T CARE. Now is what is happening - they never look to the future. I flew to Atlanta from Texas on Delta a few years ago and they gave me some granola crunch and room temperature water. See, I still remember it and won't fly Delta again if I can help it.
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Masking Totalitarianism

CAROL2488 Wrote: Nov 27, 2013 7:40 AM
Needs that they cannot pay for - such as internet access, education, cable tv?? Are you absolutely insane? I have need of a haircut - should all Americans pay for it? Watery soup? I volunteer at a homeless shelter regularly and there is NO watery soup served!! They eat as well as we do here at my house which is darned good. The shelter is COMPLETELY funded by the rich and greedy businesses!!!!! NO Federal or state money taken or needed. Education? $12,000 per child per year is what is spent here in my community to educate a child and it's free to the child but very expensive to the property owners who pay taxes. You are completely living in La La Land plus are brain washed with no sense of reality.
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Health Care for the Pushy

CAROL2488 Wrote: Nov 07, 2013 5:55 PM
Great questions to ask! I had no idea they were asking about smoking. Are they also asking about weight? That's next you know.. Fat, we're charging more. It's all about CONTROL.
Hey Nanc. Easy for you to say. YOU ARE NOT USING OBAMACARE!!!!! You and all your fellow buddies in Washington EXEMPTED yourselves. As for the previous post, I agree with the gist of the message but Nancy Pelosi has NEVER been a SERVANT in her life. She has servants! She lives a life of privilege - one of those rich white Democrats.
Cruz did NOT lose. It's been two weeks and 10 Democrats are already wanting to delay the individual mandate a year. They voted in lock step with their party faithfuls and for this debacle TWO WEEKS ago and have already changed their minds. They supported shutting down our government while closing OPEN AIR memorials and parks (for gosh sakes) as they timidly sat on their hands and to hell with the American people. Anyone with an ounce of sense saw them for what they are and are not. They are people who vote PARTY over America. They are only now changing their minds because they face re-election. Vote the bums out.
I remember the day that the missile crisis happened. It was a weekday and we had to go to school. Some of us in high school had cars (I did) and we all decided that morning if there was going to be a missile strike from Russia, we'd all head down to Mississippi from Tennessee where it was more rural, meet up and party till we died. Didn't want to spend our last hours on earth with adults…. Teachers let us listen to the radio during study hall when the Russians and US ships met. A scary day indeed!
E. is really old Goldilocks and so am I and proud of it. You must be a snot nosed youngster.
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