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Flashback: Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address

americathebeautiful Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 11:37 PM
Now President Abraham Lincoln was a very honorable and righteous man who stood for integrity and the ultimate in respect and morality and ethics much more than any man ever had who came before us. President Lincoln truly WAS a magnificent orator but that was because he spoke from his heart. (oh and by the way, did you all know that Lincoln wrote his own speeches) Believe me............obama IS NO PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

Few Americans would doubt that Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address -- delivered on a cloudy and muddy day in early March 1865 -- is the gold standard insofar as second inaugural addresses are concerned. It is, indeed, the one speech re-elected presidents should strive to emulate -- especially those facing difficult and divisive times.

Although the United States was still coping with a bloody Civil War in the days before he delivered his famous remarks (even though the conflict was practically over), Lincoln sought reconciliation between both sides by bringing meaning to the unprecedented carnage and bloodshed -- namely,...