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Hey Dyadd. There was never a poll showing that 35% of Americans wanted President Bush impeached. Oh his approval rate (NOT UNTIL HIS PAST YEAR IN OFFICE AND TOTALLY DUE TO THE MSM SLANDERING OF HIM) went down to 38% but there was no poll showing that 35% of Americans wanted him impeached. And yes, I do know that those HATE FILLED progs/libs hung him in effigy and even a Marxist put out a movie showing his assassination BUT there was never a poll showing that 35% of the people wanted him impeached.
Where was that poll taken. OMG how in the hell did shrillary Hillary get into a plus column when she is the biggest puke LIAR and Biotch and should be in the negative BIG TIME.
And Duke, it is more evident than ever that obama is a damn Muslim filled with hate.
Ah that should be ........HIS heinously hating.....
Ah that should be ........HIS heinously hating.....
Can someone - anyone PLEASE- explain to me WHY there such an enormous ANTI-SEMETIC hate going on from obama and uh's heinously hating regime including Kerry. ISRAEL HAS BEEN ATTACKED AND INVADED BY A MAJOR TERRORIST GROUP and the regime is blaming Israel for being attacked. And what is it with obama SUPPORTING Hamas by sending them millions and millions of dollars to help fund their attack against Israel?
Does that absolutely INEPT and VACANT BRAIN despot actually think that what he says today completely contradicting what he said yesterday means we forgot what he said yesterday?
DECEIT thy names are obama and holder. Is there anyone left here in our beloved country who STILL does not see the criminal and deceitful cover-up games obama/holder and their regime are playing?
Ah LOONEYLOON, you are so RIGHT that the DEMS/libs/socialists are the "I got mine, screw you" crowd.
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Hillary's Empathy Problem

americathebeautiful Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 4:21 PM
OK - 'fess up. Who of you here could possibly a part of that 46% who actually approves of shrillary Hillary - one of the most ruthless LIARS in our midst
I am really truly surprised that the GAO did some undercover investigating into that horrible lousy obamacare.
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