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Every woman who is 30 years or older WILL vote for a GOP'er. Every piece of fluff who is under 30 and wants their "hook-up" sexual living with abortion at their fingertips WILL vote for the communist/socialist/dem.
She - michelle - is an out and out communist! PERIOD!
But cleric, I do not even think that they are Christians. While they may talk it, they in no way live it nor do they expose to it.
As a proud Conservative, I have unfriended several flaming liberal/socialists I use to know. Their abject betrayal of America is much more than I can tolerate. It isn't because they disagree with me, it IS because they HATE America and HATE Conservatives and HATE civilized life. They love Communism/socialism and they love killing babies and they love smarmy slime people like obama and dirty harry and pelosi and every one of those lousy dems.
I've been around for many years (Thank you God) and I have never seen as dirty rotten campaigning - pulling out some of the worst dirty tricks ever - by dems in my entire life. obama and his thuggery and supported by bubba clinton and his thuggery is ruling the day with every dem/lib out there. Yes indeed, we in America have absolutely lost our way morally and ethically and just plain living within reasonable guidelines. And ALL due entirely to the dems/libs/socialists who have allowed dementia and ruthlessness and criminal behavior to take over their party! The dem party today is the communist party of America!!
You betcha king10, Shaheen bought and paid for that crowd of imbeciles. I am always astounded on what some people will do for a "buck". Sell their souls without a care!~
Who, in their right mind, voted for that piece of scamming fluff, shaheen? She is proud of obama care? OMG, I'll bet she's also very proud of KILLING any human she can get her hands on but most of all those human beings in utero. By the way, to every citizen of America but most especially to you people in New Hampshire, your health ins. premiums will increase exponentially by Jan 2015 and they will increase by over 50% of what you're paying now. And be prepared to pay over 5 times higher deductibles than you are paying now. There now, does THAT give you warm fuzzies all over. And all because those imbeciles like Shaheen are enormously proud of instituting one of the biggest scams of all time on you and all of the American people.....obamacare!
Yep, she is as corrupt and stealing of taxpayer monies on par with obama!
Earth to weewillie, the Honorable President Ronald Reagan did NOT sign an EO to invoke any amnesty whatsoever. He AGREED - let me restate that "AGREED" - with the Congress (damnable liberals) to that amnesty based on the PROMISE made by the damnable liberal dems in Congress that they WOULD BUILD THE BORDER FENCE! THEY DID NOT BUILD THAT FENCE YOU MORON. That was the last time the Honorable President Reagan EVER believed ANYTHING THOSE DEMENTED LIBERAL/DEMS TOLD HIM AGAIN!
Indeed rwingflyer, indeed!
But you forgot this part USA, obama HATES America and Americans!
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