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Ah also gw, why do you continue to use that pejorative term "Paulbots" in your communiques? I surely was not a supporter of Ron Paul even though I am a supporter of his son Rand Paul, but I do respect Ron Paul and he is a true and loyal Libertarian.
Excuse me Amy but now you are really going off the deep end. I don't see in any of the words I posted ANY reference to you being condemned to Hell nor did I post anything regarding your life for all eternity. And, of course you are correct, I nor any one but GOD has any ability to determine whether your Faith will condemn you to Hell or where you'll be spending eternal life. You see Amy, so often people such as you, read into other peoples statements what those other people never said in the first place. Do you know what the word "connotation" means Amy? If so, then you surely should know exactly what the connotation of the word swine is. And please don't accuse me again of stating words I never stated.
PLEASE gw.......Amy - correct? It is obvious that the intent from Jesus in that passage is to cast aspersions on swine being of a very low nature and not being anything but an animal that would trample on our goodness. While I regard that Amy has her own Faith system and beliefs, THAT does not then make her an expert in the bible. Also, you gw are very well informed as to the connotative interpretation of "being a swine" truly is. But, I take what you said at least close to being an apology. And NO, Amy is NOT correct. Your intent to malign is obvious.
Yes indeed Dyadd. President Ronald Reagan did not rely on "getting along to go along" ideas in order to get elected. President Ronald Reagan stood strong and held up his Conservatism with pride. He also held his deeply abiding Faith in God forth very strongly and he did not back down from that just to gain acceptance from anyone.
Obviously Amy you are indeed ignorant in your words. Here is a direct quote of the Biblical passage; "Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces." the mere fact that you may have been born and reared on a farm does' make you any more of an expert in the Biblical passage as anyone who was born and reared in a small town as I was. You are in no position to preach to any of us regarding the Bible. And upon reading that Biblical passage, there is no way that pigs/swine are elevated to any position other than being an animal that thrives in the mud.
Would you care to tell me Amy just where in the Bible it speaks of teaching calculus to your dog? And are you saying that you are defending gw's use of comparing Conservatives and Tea Party members to swine is A-OK by you?
Henry, why do you join with gw in condemnation of Tea Parties? Also, please enlighten us and tell us exactly WHY you think that McConnell would be the best CONSERVATIVE who will cut taxes, stop spending, reduce regulations and most of all GET RID OF OBAMACARE? Are you telling us that during his 30 years tenure as a Senator that he has done EXACTLY THAT?
This from gw: You are casting pearls before swine, Henry. Much like attempting to teach Calculus to your dog. It doesn't work and it only upsets the dog. Selah. --------------------- Now for sure gw you are sounding and acting exactly like those vile and venomous prog/libs/dems/socialists. And you want us here to believe that you are a GOP'er. No way buddy........ That was way over the top with abuse gw. YOU owe every single Conservative on Townhall a huge apology
speaking of "knee-jerk" buddy look in the mirror for direct evidence of same.
Whoa gw, THAT was extraordinarily OUT OF LINE!
MSNBC continues to demonstrate its abject STUPIDITY and ILLITERACY and PEJORATIVE MALIGNING of all of the American people by allowing such STUPIDITY and ILLITERACY and PEJORATIVE MALIGNING by a insane moron of epic levels.
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