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You know the ONLY good thing about a Catholic Church helping out with those kids is they would have an absolute opportunity to talk about Jesus and his saving grace to those kids. Otherwise, the Catholic Churches have NO business aiding and abetting in that criminal activity.
Yes so many in his mob groupies are the millenials BUT I also am certain that most of those stupid crowds are only people who are looking for a "buck" and getting paid to be there. You know......"Rent-A-Mob"
And Bush 43 did his work and love our beloved America and loved ALL Americans. His only mistake while President was his NOT using his veto pen with all of that INSANE spending the pelosi house and the reid senate went crazy with. President Bush should have vetoed every single one of those spending bills. But, now there are so many bills that have been passed by the House sitting in a trash heap under dingy dirty harry's desk and there is no way in hell that reid will ever allow those bills to even be seen or heard in the Senate. Reid is the one SOLELY responsible for the dead lock going on in Congress and reid's stupidity and corruption is completely at the behest of the demented and demonic prez.
OMG, It is really hard to believe that he can even top himself with his insanities and his obnoxiousness and his ineptitude and his ignorant and illiterate method of talking and the damn LIES he constantly screeches and screams (in his obnoxious mocking and devisive and ridiculing and derisive manner - hey that is the same manner used by criminals) but every day he actually does top himself with even greater and more INSANITIES! He is more ILLITERATE and more STUPID and more IGNORANT and more INANE and more INSANE than anyone - YES I mean anyone - I have ever met or heard talking. How in the hell did someone so totally stupid and inept and mockingly divisive and derisive get to our house....The White House!
Exactly conservative_one and well stated. By the way, have you seen the poll that shows that 72% of all muslims favor and love obama. Well, of course, who wouldn't know that they would love another muslim!
Ah YES indeed is terrifically DISGUSTING. Every single one of those disgusting obama lackeys should be treated exactly as traitors have always been treated by every country on Earth.
I am going to bear repeating my self conservative_one........loathing if far too good for that monster.
Indeed LustForLife, the AP is nothing but a bunch of lackeys writing nothing but that which would fill a diaper for obama.
Oh but, there absolutely was a "Stand Down" order given and now what we are getting is more LIES and BS (yes even under oath) out of fear even from our military. Just think about it, more officers have been FIRED by that dementednprez than has happened under any other President. And NOW our FIGHTING MILITARY personnel - in Theater - are being given pink slips. There IS a complete and total dismantling of America going on by the UNCONSCIENABLE prez.
And by the way, did any American voter actually vote for jarrett? The answer - NO!
And fixtherepublic, said order to "stand down" was given and given by valerie jarrett, who has so much power there in the regime that the entire American public should be scared out of their minds. Remember, jarrett is a muslim born in Iran. Did you see poll taken among muslims wherein 72% love obama and favor everything he's doing?
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