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Hey to all, please FLAG that redux of whomever NRMLUNIT. he/she/it is a reincarnation of a prior vile and smarmy troll - maybe sybil or loon or weewillie......... BUT FLAG THE MORON!
You NRM buddy are FLAGGED for your heresies and stupidity and IGNORANT LIE TELLING. Ah, you're a redux of the moronic idiot sybil or loonlois or weewillie.
"Cooking the Books" - hell, that is the ONLY thing that those vile and smarmy dem/lib/commie politicians all know how to do. After all, rahmmy baby and the snot nosed weaking obama both comes out of the criminal thug gang in Chicago.
Well, if they can't engage in fraud and corruption then what good is a democrat politician. After all, the democrat pol is the exact person in the skin of hillary and obama have really developed the art of fraud and corruption. Both of their philosophies is "STEAL IT" or "THREATEN IT" or "BRIBE IT" or "KILL IT"
And JustWondering, you actually believe that BS that was specifically put into Ken Starr's hand and he was told to go with it or else. When you take a good critical eye to the entire actual event of Vince Foster's death, NO ONE would be able to come to any other conclusion other than that he was murdered~
The ONLY hard choice hillary billary ever had was "which one of billy's women should I knock off today"?
This idiocy and tripe and drivel from NRM: Focus on reality. How would you improve healthcare? Repeal? Where/what is plan B? ----------------------- How is it you post anything when you are so completely idiotic, stupid, ignorant and illiterate? By the way, YES THE GOP HAS DEFINITELY COME UP WITH ALTERNATIVE HEALTH INS. PLANS. By the way, YES most unequivocally repeal Obamacare,rip it out branch and root. Are you just another one of those dead beat, on the dole, taking from obama's trough, moronic lazy idiots?
And just think B1RD, there actually are some really stupid and ignorant morons still left in this country as demonstrated by NRM. For idiots such as NRM is exactly the reason we need to test everyone for basic comprehension before they can vote!
Oh no, not another MIND NUMB OBAMABOT! Give it up NRM and go back to your bong!
Love it Alice, Love it. And yes indeed, you are the most beautiful woman in the world.
You know Karll, the fact that obama is a pathological LIAR is one thing, but the other fact that so many Americans actually believed that morons LIES is quite another.
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