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Yep after just starting to read that article, I realized that it had to be written by an obama sycophant. In this case obama's bought and paid for AP journalist. Note how the writer tries desperately to make obama look like he tries to reach a negotiating place. To the obama crazed AP writer....obama NEVER EVER negotiates with anyone. He is a sulking pouting little 2 yr old who stomps his feet and runs out of the room if he doesn't get his way. For obama it really truly is "his way or the highway" And to you mr prez, WE WANT YOU OUT IF OUR HOUSE NOW! Waiting 2 more years is absolutely unacceptable.
Sorry....."he krapped on....."
Yes indeed, snapper at, he is only concerned about 5% of the people living here in America ILLEGALLY and he rapped all over the 95% of all the rest of us Americans. But then, what else is new.
Yes indeed I did read "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" and when I was very young around the age of 18. A highly recommended read and every American should read it. And Yes also, too many Americans are far too illiterate when it comes to history and I mean recent history such as the last 100 years. Today I heard JFK's voice on TV. Seems someone was playing a clip of him. I immediately turned to look to verify it was the voice of JFK and it was. I then commented to my husband that likely over 75% of Americans today would not recognize that voice or even know a thing about him. A very very sad state of affairs that is. And the horror of that "Net Neutrality" is beyond tolerating. Yet, there are far too many Americans who do not understand that. We are killing our own nation and beloved America because of the abject illiteracy of our citizens.
But snappercat, not being eligible to vote hasn't stopped them yet from voting.
It is not difficult to absolutely loathe a criminal who uses thuggery and threats and violence to get her way.
Ronald, here is the best and most apt description of the insane and despotic prez: There is one extreme type of liar that you should beware of; the sociopathic liar. On first impressions, you may find you actually like or are drawn to the sociopath. It’s not surprising as more often than not they are indeed charming and likable. Watch out, these type of liars can cause untold damage and mayhem once they lead you into their web of lies and deceit. Sociopaths lie the most because they are incapable of feelings and do not want to understand the impact of their lies. They may even get a thrill out of lying at your expense. Once they tell an initial lie they go on to tell many more lies in an attempt to cover up the lies they started, or just for the “fun” of it. A sociopath rarely reveals his or her feelings or emotions. You won’t often hear them laugh, cry, or get angry. These kinds of liars tend to live in their own little world and always find ways to justify their dishonest deeds. They do not respect others and place their own needs first and foremost. If someone questions the sociopath’s lies they can be incredibly devious in the way they cover things up. This can include placing the blame at someone else’s door or by inventing complex stories to cover up their untruths.
Just for you Stan: It is this simple and it is so simple but still those deranged simpletons that are dems/libs/progs still don't get it. The dems did not show up to vote simply because they would not and could not vote for their favorite dem and they will never ever vote for a Republican!
It was an overwhelming landslide, Stan. What universe are you living in?
Indeed Pale and it is amazing how still so many Americans don't get that. There are even some really foolish Americans who actually think "it won't be me". By the way, I have a really good book to recommend that tells the story of just how hitler gathered steam with his abject thuggery even before the war. It is entitled "In The Garden of Beasts" and I know you'll find so much that is familiar with what obama is doing today that you'll read in that book.
You know that Reid has a horrifically large ash heap under his desk which is comprised of those over 300 Pieces of Legislation that the House passed and they went directly into that ash heap. Now it is time to put Reid into that Ash Heap. He deserves only to be burned and burned BIG TIME! Why would any American want anything else for any criminal whether a common criminal or Reid or Obama?
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