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You know H8, I agree with you. Scott Walker has proven his acumen and his ability to fight against corruption and fraud over and over again. Plus, he has more than demonstrated an intelligence that far escapes so many running for office.
And interestinly enough Corbett, obama doesn't have any college degree and it just doesn't matter how many times he tells us he went to Columbia and you see or have any proof of that?
Well LOON, come to think of it, you do stick your nose into the anal track of so many!
LOON, when and only WHEN you demonstrate ANY intelligence whatsoever and WHEN you illustrate that you will STOP YOUR DAMNABLE LYING, then and only then will you be anyone of worth. But alas, YOU ARE NO WHERE NEAR EITHER TELLING THE TRUTH OR DEMONSTRATING ANY INTELLIGENCE!
Absolutely correct RR and Indeed! obama's mangy, severely dysfunctional sociopathy and psychosis is extremely dangerous and there he STILL is......potus!
obama and his gang of criminal thugs are disgusting me more and more. I pray - and yes I mean PRAY - that the honorable P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu and the best Intelligence Agency in the entire world - Mosad - STOP those heinously violent obama morons dead in their tracks. GO BENJAMIN NETANYAH. DEFEAT THOSE MORONS WORKING ON BEHALF OF THE BIGGEST MORON OF THEM ALL....OBAMA!
Judas priest daffyduck, you keep on illustrating your stupid ignorance and illiteracy!
This abject idiocy and stupid from Taft: "Why is it important to close Gitmo? If our congress won't try these people and put them in jail and throw away the key, something els must be done. Terrorists go looking for recruits in the ME, and mothers tell them not their son, but then they are told about Gitmo, dog cages, and anal feeding. Gitmo has inadvertently gotten a lot of our Chris Kyles doing their duty killed. Reagan and other republican presidents used our courts to try terrorists, it is time to let them again." ------------- You mean Taft just in the same way that FDR putting all those Japs in Camps after Pearl Harbor turned every single Japanese person into a terrorist. You mean like that moron!
Don't you all think it is enormously scary that such illiterates and ignoramous's and stupid can't pass beginning sandbox are in places of authority. Those idiotic stupid morons couldn't pass a beginning sandbox test to get into 1st grade and there they are making damn fools out of themselves as Josh Ernest does every day!
Now Joycey, that is exactly where obama belongs.....Gitmo!
I don't see your apology woz for calling me a "broad".
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