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Oh my YES need traitorbill. You know, over the weekend, I watched more TV programming about hitler and OMG the more I learn the more obama is so much like him in his despotism. Did you know that hitler was very wealthy in an era when almost all of the German people were barely scraping by. Hitler's income in 1936 was $120,00 (converted Deutche marks) and the German people were on incomes of less than $2,000 annually. He built his Bertchesgarten palace on the backs of the German people......NO he did not use his own money. And all of that while he and his horrible monstrous henchmen were planning the mass extermination of millions of German citizens. He was an evil despot who craved power over the masses. Does that sound familiar. By the way, obama's ideology copies a combination of fascism and communism.
Hey Daniel, just WHO has benefitted enormously by obamacare?
What a grossly disgusting human being. Oh wait - did I call him human?
Yes indeed JaneM. And Bush lives in his head Rent Free. You are so so so correct with all your words but the biggest CON foisted on the American people is that obama was intelligent. That same CON about Hillary was also sold to the American people. May GOD save all of us from that entire Lack of intelligence as is demonstrated by both of those Marxists.
INDEED horseylady, he got past the vetting because of the total "black out" by the MSM regarding the entirety of obama and his Marxist history". We as a nation have been more abused and destroyed by obama and his lackeys in the press than has ever occurred in our entire history. I watched a program on the History channel called "The World Wars" which covers the history from 1914 to 1945 and you can count on it. We no longer have the kind of LOVE and PATRIOTISM in our country that we had then - that which gave us the strength and character to WIN and survive that very bloody time. That wasn't called "The Greatest Generation" for nothing. It is extraordinarily SAD that we have allowed our country to degenerate into the despicable status of being a 3rd world country and said status coming at the hands of tyrannical despots such as obama. I don't know about you, but I want our country back.
Yep cowboy, I've been told that it is all that physical activity as an evening prowler that is really exhausting
David, thank you very much for your eye opening wisdom. And everyone, we ALL would do well to listen to David Horowitz's words because he actually use to be a member of the communist party back in the day and now - since he has seen the horror of exactly what leftist & communist ideologies are (obama's ideology) - IS A PROUD CONSERVATIVE.
Nope Dom, obama did NOT forget his Oath of Office......he is blatantly acting with NO regard at all for America or Americans and he could care less about his Oath of Office. The biggest LYING prez EVER in our you actually think he CARES about his Oath of Office?
I have just 4 words for the traitor-in-chief: DAMN THE HISPANIC VOTE!
Hey are you aware of the article that was posted by an Egyptian journalist end and published on Al Jazeera stating that obama is a member of the muslim brotherhood.
Those damnable bloody murdering killing Muslim terrorists deserve ONLY to be totally extinguished. PERIOD!
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