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Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes, WJF......indeed they are big time law breakers. But then, the Rule of Law is completely gone under obama and holder. The biggest law breakers in our beloved America today are OBAMA & HOLDER. Both are way overdue to be arrested, indicted and tried for their treason and criminal actions.
But lgoldhammer, while our previous presidents haven't been perfect by any standard, obama is by far and away the worst of the worst. We have never had our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS and our FREEDOMS trampled on nearly as violently as obama has. AND do you feel at all like he has your back? I think not!
Thank you jmcclaim for your excellent post. You reminded me of a great book written by Alexis de Tocqueville entitled "Democracy in America". He too supports your very enlightened statement of: ".....citizens armed, polite, regulating their lives, and their communities with egalitarian standards, and finding freedom and liberty in the lives of citizens, should immediately note it must be the principles which brought this about. "
I am certain you know, Keep, that at the very core of communism is atheism. Communism cannot allow a belief in God because they would NOT be able to control the people en masse if they did allow that belief in God.
Yes 1375, EARNED but given to us by God!
Nah Phall.....I do NOT think his daughters today or any day in the past nor in the future will ever say "I love him" but they will likely state unequivocally that he has embarrassed them and this country. Remember, those 2 beautiful girls are being reared under a basic education of communism by both obama and michelle. They are both communists in full bore.
Ram, please note, those so called rights that the ditherer-in-chief creates are so called rights entirely under communism. they don't just reek of communism....They are communism in full bore.
And Navy-baby, I join you in your "cynical" view. And by the way, ALL of our Rights are God-given.
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Irresponsible Choices

americathebeautiful Wrote: 1 hour ago (8:56 AM)
Thank you again Dr. Sowell for this very excellent article. You have spoken the truth, yet I wonder how many will actually hear and realize the words you write. Unfortunately, it is those who cannot even read but vote that is the scariest part. Those NO information, Uneducated voters who do immense damage to our beloved election process. In other words, it is those liberal/socialists who destroy our country.
Wow, I guess today I need a brush up course of verb usage. That should be WERE and not was slaughtered. sorry 'bout that.
So we have a PRE-9/11 mentality going on with obama and his gang of thugs and we have a PRE WWII military preparedness going on. Well, I guess obama and his goons have really gotten what they planned with that. Hey, do you all feel like the prez and our government HAS YOUR BACKS!
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