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OK Kirk but no it wouldn't take a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Roe v Wade. Because Prohibition was an Amendment, it then took another Amendment to wipe it out. But Roe v Wade was not a Constitutional Amendment and just as I spoke of the Plessy v Ferguson decision being overturned by another SCOTUS decision, so could Roe v Wade be overturned by SCOTUS. However, I do agree that in the current environment and with those flaming socialist Justices sitting on the Court (by the way, I include in that group Chief Justice Roberts) it is not likely to happen. But our country will be brought to its knees with all of the rampant vile A-moral and Immoral activity going on - we've totally lost any moral barometer in our country - and Roe v Wade will be overturned eventually. You see, I do believe that all wrongs will be made right!
Well Behold, I won't pray for that but it would be great for him to get some of his horror that he gives out.
Yes Behold, you are correct. Point in fact, the dem/lib opponent in S.C. running for Governor against the honorable Gov. Nikki Haley actually termed her as being a w.hore and not a single MSM outlet put that story out. Yet, the most inane statement that any GOP running for office is blasted front and center with huge headlines. Imagine, that moronic imbecile referred to Nikki as a W.HORE! OMG, he should be hung up in the town square by his feet for everyone to see him dangling there.
And Kirck, another thing, just what makes you twist logic around and state that a Law couldn't turn Roe v Wade around. Where in the hell did you come up with that. But, now please explain to all of us here just HOW does your heinous prez decide that he can just sign an EO and then get his demented way with anything he wants with NO respect to law whatsoever.
Well Kirk, it took 58 years to overturn this case - Plessy v. Ferguson decision of 1896 which legalized this "separate but equal" and when the Brown vs Board of Education decision in 1954 it completely wiped out that "separate but equal" nonsense. If it takes 58 years to wipe out that horror of making abortion legal, then we still have to wait another 18 years, but you can count on it......IT WILL BE OVERTURNED!
If only we had a president like the honorable P.M Benjamin Netanyahu. He is a noble and intelligent and honorable and God fearing man who loves his people and will go to every extent necessary to "PROTECT AND DEFEND" the Israeli people. In the meantime, we have a moronic, stupid, narcissistic, sociopathic psychotic for prez who HATES America and ALL American white people.
Indeed cleric you are absolutely correct about that. And obama should be dealing with the actual "war on women" that the muslims engage in all the time. Those demonic muslims actually torment and terrorize and KILL women in their outrageous behavior under their abjectly demented and deranged Sharia.
I loathe and abhor that piece of human waste, obama, like I have never ever before loathed and abhorred another human being. But then again, obama is NOT human and he most certainly is NOT humane. By the way, I would wager that a clear majority of the citizens of America also loathes and hates and abhors him.
You mean Scott Brown Luscious and NOT Scott Walker. We better all hope and pray that both Scotts win their respective races!
Huh Kirk...........I wouldn't be so sure about that. Are you aware that SCOTUS has already taken the position that when a woman who was pregnant was murdered on the street with gunfire, they ruled that it was a DOUBLE homicide. Now how in the world could they rule in that way yet insisting that KILLING the baby in utero was legal? I'll tell you why.....because that case came in front of SCOTUS post 1974 - Roe v Wade. If you think for one second that Roe v Wade cannot be overturned, you buddy have another thing coming.
Hey Carlos, did you see that article that told about how so many millennials now not only favor abortion but also think that POST birth abortion should be legal. Yep, that means that after the baby is fully grown in the uterus and goes through the actual birth process, they think they should have the legal ability to KILL THE FULL GROWN BABY! What are we coming to and how badly have we lost ANY moral barometer at all.
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