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And yet, Jeff60, those two criminal sociopaths are still holding their offices. How much more can I repeat this.......OBAMA MUST BE EVICTED FROM THE WH!
We have NEVER EVER in the history of our beloved USA had a treasonous prez and treasonous atty general as are in there now. did we, the American people, allow those horrifically sociopathic despots get into those positions?
And the community agitator-in-chief and his side kick, holder, are responsible for creating and sending those rioters. Give me a break! Where are all those rioters in Chicago burning down businesses and violently attacking people over the massive black on black murders? When will the rioter-in-chief finally talk about those back on black murders going on in his hometown? OMG in his abject irresponsibility and negligence, HE is demonstrating racism at its finest. But then again, he is a major hate filled racist. He MUST be evicted from our house.....the White House.
And wave, it is obvious that the Rule of Law is totally meaningless to the criminal-in-chief. He and holder are where complete responsibility (oh and the extremely racist NAACP) lies with all of that violent rioting and destroying of property and people just because the Rule of Law did prevail. We were far past the obnoxious and hate filled racism that now exists in our country and that blatant and violent racism is black on white racism. I absolutely agree with Mayor Guilliani when he said the it is due to the black on black violence and killings why there even has to be a big police presence in those places where the blacks are killing hundreds of people CONSTANTLY. When will obama finally and for once address how blacks are killing off Chicago citizens.
If he didn't't LIE, he would have absolutely nothing to say!
Should we all bend over now and kiss our butts good bye?
Yep, he - the despot BHO - must replace him with one of his lackey commies. Hey folks, we are in super big time, enormous destroying trouble in our beloved country and as long as that despot retains his office, our trouble and destruction will deepen to a remarkably devastating degree. Should we all bend over and kiss our butts goodbye?
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GOP Cowards

americathebeautiful Wrote: Nov 23, 2014 8:10 AM
Oh my John, asking Boehner and McConnell to have a spine and some cojones is like asking obama to actually love America and all of her citizens. And we all know that will never ever happen.
FLAGGED big time. If you wouldn't have voted for the deranged obama you would be able to go out and get a real job.
Yep Pgrossjr and obama is the most cruel and violent of human life than any previous president. Landrieu is an obama sycophant and has disgustingly lapped up to him and borrow a Rev Wright favorite.....her chickens have come home to roost.
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