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Yes indeed WJF you "nailed it" and gw is obviously NOT a Conservative by any measure.
gw.......PLEASE read my post above. Did you know that there were 18 government shutdowns from 1976 - 2013. AND did you know that one of the MOST effective government shutdowns was in 1995 when Newt Gingrich was the Speaker. Yea, I thought you didn't now that. Now, WHY do you fear a government shutdown which in the past has been enormously effective? Are you also a propagandist for obama and those evil and vile liberal/socialists?
Remember folks, the House of Representatives has one power that the diabolic prez does NOT have and that is the "POWER OF THE PURSE"!
Just to educate some of you who actually thinks that the only government shutdown was in 2012 in an enormous effort to get rid if that LOUSY and ANTI-American bill known as obamacare: "There have been 18 government shutdowns in modern U.S. political history. There were six shutdowns ranging from eight to 17 days in the late 1970s, but the duration of government shutdowns shrank dramatically beginning in the 1980s. And then there was the longest government shutdown in U.S. history in late 1995, lasting three weeks and sending hundreds of thousands of government workers home without paychecks. There has been only one government shutdown since then. The most recent government shutdown began on Oct. 1, 2013, when some members of the 113th Congress refused to support the continued funding over federal government operations unless parts of the Obamacare healthcare reform law were reversed or delayed. That shutdown last 16 days." This from Now someone PLEASE tell me WHY all of you oppose a good government shutdown and WHY do you lousy left wing nut liberal/socialists think for one minute that a government shutdown is bad??
What is this world coming to?
Here's a bill that Congress MUST pass: In so far as any ILLEGAL ALIENS who receive amnesty from obama, those same ILLEGALS absolutely cannot receive ANY government money such as welfare, food stamps, health care, health insurance....NO GOVIE MONEY AT ALL and they are NOT allowed to vote until they are here in the USA at least 15 years and they can prove that they speak English.
Geez on top of everything else about that dictating despotic moron, he also is extremely UGLY!
I just sent that headline to my GOP Senator and simply asked him WHY he and his GOP cohorts in Congress have allowed this to happen. And I asked WHY he and his GOP cohorts in Congress have not stopped obama with his communist/socialist agenda!
Keep in mind, chunky, Luis is a socialist/communist whose state is Illinois......the home of most of the corrupt, criminal, pieces of fraud, no soul, no conscience politicians!
Huh? A panel consisting of some of the biggest racists in our country.....these guys: "Among the event panelists were figures such as social activist D.ick Gregory, Dr. Ron Daniels, Hillary Shelton of the NAACP and actor Danny Glover, " I am so SICK and TIRED of all of that krap. It is way over due to get some REAL Law and Order going here in our USA and NOW! ENOUGH WITH THAT RACIST JUNK FROM THOSE RACISTS~
Is there anyone anywhere on this beautiful Earth who actually believes ANYTHING that moronic LYING b*sturd obama says anymore.
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