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What a bunch of jack a$$.es headed out by the biggest jack A$$.es of them all......obama & holder. If you all want to hear just exactly what the regime and its guttural animals obama/holder should actually be doing about that heinously horrific beheading, listen to the honorable General Jack Keane. Now there is a man who really knows his business and his description of that laughable criminal indictment is that it is nothing but laughable.
Are you kidding me. Because those "freeloaders" could go in to a lousy and horrible computer and apply health ins. FREE with TAXPAYER SUBSIDIES, now the RNC doesn't want to HIT on the horrors of obamacare! I repeat........GIVE ME A BREAK!
And yet he believes in the same god that ISIS/ISIL terrorists do.
I agree whole heartedly conservative_one. In fact, I am certain that obama could murder an American citizen in front of the entire population and every single democrat/liberal would say he really didn't do that and if he did it then he really didn't mean it.
It is completely exasperating to realize that in our midst we have traitors to America who are nothing more than obama suck ups.
Hey can you all believe it....the brainless and treasonous william posted this trash & bunk, tripe, drivel: "Cameron is perpetrating character assassination against our beloved President. His timing is all the proof we need."
HUH......appalled? GIVE ME A BREAK. The ONLY thing that anyone in the White House is appalled with is why America isn't falling into the deep abyss faster!
Hey Christine, every single thing that obama has done while POTUS is unacceptable behavior. And who wants to bet that the message from the White House saying the prez was "appalled" actually came from some low level worker there in the White House. Likely obama and jarrett and moochelle are not in the least appalled.
Does everyone feeled used enough yet by that despotic dictator-in-chief?
Because I strongly believe that we all get back in the same measure as we give out, it will be extremely interesting when FINALLY obama gets his. His crying and screaming and yelling and claiming victimhood will be very entertaining.
I have NEVER loathed anyone like I loath barack "insane" obama. He is despicable and every manner one can be despicable. And his LYING and CHEATING and CRIMINAL ACTIONS go so far beyond the pale and the fact that the GOP has not held him accountable for his LYING and CHEATING and CRIMINAL ACTIONS makes the GOP complicit in that evil prez's agenda!
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