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This election cycle, more than any other, is all about the communists (dems) against the Americans (GOP). PERIOD!
But but but scoleman, communists and democrats is a redundancy!
Ann, it may well have been White guilt in 2008 but make no mistake about it.....it was definitely voter fraud in 2012!
Joni would be the perfect person to take on those pigs and hogs dems in D.C and all of their "pork" spending. What a tough and strong and intelligent and excellent woman she is and would be in Congress. She would take on dingy harry like no one else.
Well, the PM of Canada rightly named that heinously violent act as terrorism. Meanwhile, our prez calls that terrorists a good little muslim!
But then again Julie, that is exactly how those commie/dems/libs love to live their lives. They - none of them - have even a smidgen of inkling - on how to be responsible and none of them knows a damn thing about basic Economics. Oh and by the way, they don't care about how much debt they have and accrue because they always know that they can steal and extract any money they want from the hard working American taxpayer!
What kind of utter and total dysfunction have so many morons grown up in and with in order to even consider that it is "truly awesome" to vote ILLEGALLY for anyone. What in the hell is WRONG WITH SOME PEOPLE! And maybe it is way overdue to make damn sure that Illinois is forced to secede from the Union. The horrific and heinous iLLEGAL ELECTIONEERING AND VOTING that has been going on in ILL is egregious to a degree that surpasses egregious. Remember everyone, ILL is the scamming scheming state of more politicians going to jail and obama and Al Capone. Make ILL secede.....PERIOD! They are nothing more than a despicable 3rd world country anyway.
Ann, she would be even worse than that lesbian mayor of Houston is. You know, the one who subpoenaed the sermons of all of those black churches in TX. So over the top and blatant UNConstitutional actions from that mayor, I don't know why she is still holding that office. But then again, just look at that despicable DA in Texas who is also an alcoholic lesbian and she bribed a Grand Jury to bring and indictment against Gov. Perry. Geez, what kind of vicious lesbian women are being bred there in TX?
Now everyone knows that wendy does not have a soul and blatantly engages in illegal activity right in front of everyone, but the stealing of that pic for her ad is out and out illegality in full force. She needs to be prosecuted and jailed for her blatant illegal actions.
The vile and deranged obama isn't just "deeply unpopular".....he is LOATHED by almost all of America. Who, in their right minds and besides Steyer and Soros and that insane piece of biotch fluff Gwyneth Paltrow, would even consider giving one cent to any dem/lib/socialist in our beloved country? I was going to say "one RED cent" and that would have been a very appropriate description because all dems/libs today in America are RED communists!
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